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How does social justice relate to nursing?

Social justice is practically inherent to nursing. In fact, Provision 8 of the Nursing Code of Ethics declares that “the nurse collaborates with other health professionals and the public to protect human rights, promote health diplomacy, and reduce health disparities.”

Nurses’ role in the future of public health

Public health nursing is an all-encompassing field affected by human and natural events alike. While the COVID-19 pandemic taught us that some things are unpredictable, the future of public health nursing is generally predicated on developments and trends in technology, science, politics or society’s shifts and popular culture.

The role of nursing in vaccination and disease eradication

Vaccines are often considered to be one of the greatest achievements in public health. Infectious diseases that once wrought devastating illness, death, and chaos among smaller communities and entire countries, are now considered much more manageable. Keep reading to learn about nurses’ role in the fight against disease with vaccination and immunization, the history of the field and more.

How to request letters of recommendation for nursing school

Now that you’ve made the decision to return to nursing school, you need to complete each step of your application–including procuring letters of recommendation. Our guide has advice for who, how and when to ask for recommendations no matter what your background.

Health care trends in 2023

Why is it important to understand health care trends? The direction that the health care industry is moving toward, which includes changes in the way things are done and disruptive new technologies, helps health care professionals to understand patients’ needs and how an organization’s business model can be updated to meet them.

The history of nursing: ancient times to today

Nursing is a profession that has been around for centuries, and it has played a vital role in health care throughout history. From the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece to the modern health care systems of today, nursing has evolved and adapted to meet the changing understanding of science and needs of society.

How to write your nursing resume

A nursing resume should be thought of as a first impression. Whether a hiring manager is considering you for a job, or an admissions advisor is reviewing your experience for a spot in an academic program, you want to be confident in how your nurse resume represents your experience, education, nursing skills, and soft skills.

Choosing legitimate online nursing programs

With so many online nursing programs in the market today, it’s difficult to know which are reputable and which are not. Learn how to choose an online nursing school that meets key criteria to prove its legitimacy.

How to choose nursing CEUs

You should approach the responsibility of continuing education as an opportunity to invest in yourself. Fortunately, you typically get to choose how you want to earn your nursing CE credits. From figuring out if it's required for your state or not, understanding the importance of CE and what types of things you could learn, let's dive into figuring out how to get the most from your continuing nursing education.

Increasing diversity in the nursing workforce

Enhancing diversity in nursing is especially critical for establishing quality healthcare for all patient populations. Find out why diversity in nursing is so important and learn about research that supports the fact that a more diverse nurse staff is likely to be able to provide better professional nursing care.

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