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Preceptor Portal

Thank you for considering the role of preceptor for a KSN BSN-DNP Student. Qualified preceptors play an integral role in the student’s success within the clinical learning environment. With your leadership, students can strengthen their clinical and critical thinking skills through experiential learning. Our students also highly recognize the value of your knowledge, experience, and commitment. We believe the preceptor partnership can be a mutually beneficial role for both the student and the preceptor.

Why become a preceptor?

  • As a preceptor, you have the unique experience of connecting with and influencing the next generation of clinicians.
  • Many preceptors find that while building on their leadership skills, they are also reenergized in their clinical practice.
  • Preceptors are invited to attend KSN continuing education conferences and workshops.
  • Preceptors may receive Continuing Education credit for career ladder advancement and re-certification purposes.

Why precept KSN DNP students?

  • KSN students are equipped with knowledge and skills from didactic courses before entering their clinical courses. This curriculum design enables our students to be professionally ready to progress through their clinical practicums.
  • The majority of KSN BSN-DNP Students continue to work part-time in the nursing profession while obtaining their DNP. These students are confident and have a high level of clinical competence and a willingness to learn and be challenged.
  • Our faculty and staff members work closely with students to help ensure a smooth clinical experience through effective communication, useful schedule tracking system, and clinical evaluation.

To help promote a positive clinical experience for you and our students, this Preceptor Portal provides useful information for current and future preceptors. We sincerely hope you feel satisfied with your experience teaching and supervising students from the Kramer School of Nursing.

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