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Preceptor Resources

The following resources are provided as support tools to facilitate your efforts and success as a preceptor. These tools are intended to be helpful for preceptors at all levels of previous teaching experience. It is our sincere hope that these resources prove helpful to you, and we welcome feedback toward future improvement.

Video vignettes by NONPF: watch NP faculty actors play the roles of the NP and preceptor in the vignettes off precepting in acute care setting; precepting in primary care setting; working with overly confident NP student; and precepting in a busy clinic. Pick up tips on reasonable expectations for the student role.

Become a successful preceptor article on American Nurse Today – official journal of American Nurses Association (ANA)

Fast Facts for the Nurse Preceptor: Keys to Providing a Successful Preceptorship in a Nutshell: This reference guide for nurses in the preceptor role is brimming with information about how to successfully educate, protect, socialize, and evaluate nurses transitioning into a new environment. In an easy-access, bulleted format, this resource helps preceptors establish clinical objectives, execute evaluation and feedback techniques, identify role responsibilities, develop positive communication skills, and develop effective teaching/learning strategies.