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BSN Program: Duncan, OK

More Opportunity Than Ever

More opportunities for professional nurses exist now than ever before due to the ongoing shortage of Registered Nurses and their expanding roles. Nurses work in all types of health care, business and service areas, and at all levels from bedside care to running their own practices or being CEOs of large corporations. Your gateway into the nursing profession is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, giving you eligibility for Registered Nurse (RN) licensure.

Study in Duncan

Up to 25 students per year will be accepted at the Duncan Regional Hospital location. An interview will be required.

Tuition-Free Scholarships
Available to Qualified Applicants

Duncan Regional Hospital Scholarship

Duncan Regional Hospital provides up to 20 competitive scholarships awarded at the start of each academic year. Each scholarship is renewable for four consecutive semesters or two years total. Preference will be given to students from Stephens County, Jefferson County, and southwestern Oklahoma residents. *Applicants must be selected and meet all criteria for the Duncan Regional Hospital OKCU/DRH Loan to be eligible*

Learn more about the OKCU/DRH Scholarship.

Duncan Regional OKCU/DRH Loan

Duncan Regional Hospital provides up to 20 Loans at the start of each academic year. Funding is available for up to 4 semesters or two years total. There is NOT a financial repayment obligation for this loan. Recipients are required to sign an acknowledgement that they will work at Duncan Regional Hospital for three years post-graduation. Preference will be given to students from Stephens County, Jefferson County, and southwestern Oklahoma residents.

Selection Process:

  • Applicants must complete the OKCU Kramer School of Nursing application and essay.
  • Applications will be screened prior to interviews.
  • Interviews for selected candidates will be administered by DRH.
  • Selected candidates will be notified and subsequently be submitted for consideration of the OKCU/DRH Scholarship.

Learn more about the OKCU/DRH Loan.

Interview Process

  • All applications received by Duncan Regional Hospital will be screened prior to on-site interviews.
  • Applicants selected for interviews will be required to appear on-site at Duncan Regional Hospital.

Program Highlights

  • Cameron University’s Associate in Science in Allied Health Sciences (plus World Religion) satisfies general education requirements.
  • Starting with students who will be matriculating in fall 2019, 20 scholarships, which will cover full tuition as well as university fees, are available for those who agree to work at Duncan Regional Hospital following graduation. Interview required. For more information about tuition and financial aid, please visit Financial Aid.
  • Full curriculum is presented on site in Duncan.
  • Complete your BSN in only four semesters.
  • Program is 56 credit hours of nursing courses.

Whether you're earning your first college degree or changing careers, you can become a nurse.

  • If you are earning your first college degree, simply complete OKCU's general education requirements and the nursing prerequisites before your junior year.
  • If you have completed an associate's of science degree from a regionally accredited institution and have taken a class which will transfer for our World Religions course, you have met our general education requirements.
  • If you have a full undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited institution, you have completely met our general education requirements.

Program requirements

  • A 3.00 cumulative GPA or higher.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher in all science courses. All course attempt grades in all science courses will be calculated, not just the highest grade.
  • Completed junior-level nursing course prerequisites including (number of hours): Human Anatomy with a lab (3-5)* Human Physiology (3-5)* Microbiology with a lab (3-4) Introduction to Psychology (3) College chemistry course with a lab, preferably introductory, general, or organic chemistry (4-5).
  • English proficiency as outlined in the English Proficiency Policy for Admission to NURS Courses.
  • Not more than 6 credit hours of general education courses remaining before beginning 3000-level nursing courses.
  • Minimum HESI exam composite score of 75 or a minimum TEAS composite score of 78.

*A full semester of Human Anatomy with a lab and a full semester of Human Physiology may be substituted for Anatomy and Physiology I and Anatomy and Physiology II. This option requires the substitution of both courses, not just one course. All science courses must be conducted in a live classroom and laboratory environment. No online courses will be accepted for science prerequisites.

Apply today!

All Duncan campus prospective students should apply using the undergraduate transfer process.

All incoming pre-licensure students must take the HESI A2 exam or TEAS exam.

Information about HESI testing, deadlines, course credit, and transcript evaluations can be found below. Classes begin every fall and spring semester. Please note that to declare nursing as a major, incoming freshmen and sophomores must be admitted to Oklahoma City University and must not be on academic probation. Oklahoma City University students changing majors to nursing also must not be on academic probation.

For more information or to visit the Kramer School of Nursing at Duncan Regional Hospital, please contact Melissa Jennings, Duncan Program Specialist, via email at or by phone at (580) 251-8200.

HESI Testing

The HESI exam will cover English (reading, grammar, and vocabulary), Science (biology, chemistry, and anatomy & physiology), and Math. Students must complete all 11 sections of the exam. A missing exam section will invalidate the score. KSN applicants may take the HESI exam a maximum of two times, which includes all previous attempts. The highest cumulative score will be used. A minimum cumulative score of 75 is required.

The time allotted to complete the exam is four hours. Resources are available for those who are interested in preparing for the exam, including HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review (4th Ed.) which may be ordered directly from Elsevier or your preferred retailer. Numerous other prep courses and practice questions are available online as well.

KSN will host HESI exams in Oklahoma City on these dates in 2019. All applicants should refer to these instructions for scheduling the HESI exam. If you have already taken the HESI exam and achieved the minimum required score or greater, please contact Stacy Calhoun at (405) 208-5933 or


HESI/TEAS deadline in OKC August 10, 2019. Distance testing HESI deadline is August 15, 2019.

To begin 3000-level nursing courses, you must meet all required eligibility qualifications and must comply fully with the application deadlines.

Undergraduate students may engage in general education coursework in the summer if desired, though nursing coursework only starts in fall or spring. A complete application includes all of the following:

  1. University application form with required fee, completed entirely and submitted to the Office of Admissions.
  2. Official, current transcripts of all college course work attempted sent directly from the institution where the courses were taken to the Transcript Coordinator at the Office of Admissions at Oklahoma City University. Transcripts delivered by the student in a sealed envelope will not be accepted.
  3. Verification of English language proficiency received by the Intake Specialist at Kramer School of Nursing.

If you have questions regarding your transcript evaluation, please contact Melissa Jennings, Duncan Program Specialist, via email at or by phone at (405) 208-5968.

Course Credit

To see if a course you have taken elsewhere will transfer to Oklahoma City University, click here for the OKCU equivalency matrix. These are courses that have already been approved for OCU degree programs.

If you do not see a course listed on the equivalency matrix, you may submit course information to our online transfer evaluation site. Be sure to specify the Oklahoma City University course or requirement that the transfer course might meet. Please note that new users must create an account the first time they use the system. Returning users and current students can login here.

Course evaluations can typically take two weeks to complete and perhaps longer during summer months. If you have difficulty with the transfer course equivalency matrix, please contact the Registrar's Office at (405) 208-5298.

Transcript Evaluations

To complete a self-evaluation of your previous coursework, click here for the two-page worksheet.

If you have questions regarding your transcript evaluation, please contact Melissa Jennings, Duncan Program Specialist, via email at or by phone at (405) 208-5968.

Classroom Environment

KSN undergraduate classroom presentations at the Oklahoma City campus are delivered simultaneously via teleconference to the school’s satellite campus in Duncan, OK. Presentations are occasionally delivered from Duncan to the home campus as well. However, faculty will be present at both locations during each session.

Accreditation, NCLEX-RN pass rates, degree completion and job placement rates

The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN; formerly the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission) has granted Oklahoma City University full accreditation for its baccalaureate, master's, and advanced practice degrees. ACEN does not accredit PhD programs.

The ACEN requires nursing schools to publish the following data.