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MSN Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

The MSN program is 33 credit hours in length (38 credit hours for certain Nursing Education students) and courses are offered in spring, summer, and fall.

The program typically takes five semesters of full-time study (at least nine credit hours per semester) to complete. However, each student will have an individualized degree completion plan based on their personal goals, academic history, and scheduling requirements.

All MSN nursing courses are taught from a HyFlex format. Students can attend courses in-person, virtually, or completely asynchronously online in a single course section.

Click HERE for more information on the HyFlex course delivery model, and please contact us if you have any questions about the MSN Program!

MSN Degree Tracks

NOTE: In addition to the coursework listed below, all MSN students are required to take a 3-credit-hour basic or general statistics course (no lab is required) before enrolling in the Advanced Nursing Research course. This course is a prerequisite, not a barrier to entry into the program.

Nursing Education

Designed to prepare the nurse to teach in post-secondary nursing programs, including schools of practical nursing, associate degree programs, and baccalaureate and higher degree programs. This track also prepares leaders for staff education positions within the healthcare system.

Nursing Education Curriculum

Graduate Nursing Core Courses: 15 credit hours

NURS 5103 Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 5703 Educational Ethics and Health Care Policy
NURS 6323 Research Integration in Nursing Practice
NURS 6503 Nursing Practicum
NURS 6603 Master’s Project

Nursing Education Role Preparation: 18 credit hours
NURS 5203 Curriculum Development in Nursing Education
NURS 5222 Technology Strategies in Digital and Online Courses
NURS 5232 Teaching Strategies for Simulation in Nursing Education
NURS 5402 Teaching Strategies for Nursing Education
NURS 6153 Nursing Education Evaluation Strategies
NURS 6414 Advanced Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nurse Educators
NURS 6412 Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Educators

Total Credit Hours: 33

Students may select to take advanced practice courses as outlined below. These courses are not offered in the HyFlex format, have required testing, and increase the total program hours to 38 credit hours

*Students may select:

NURS 6203 Advanced Pathophysiology & NURS 6213 Pharmacology for Adv. Practice in place of NURS 6414 NURS 6215 Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning in place of NURS 6412

Nursing Leadership

Designed to prepare the nurse to serve in middle and upper management roles, including executive leadership, within health care organizations.

Nursing Leadership Curriculum

Graduate Nursing Core Courses: 16 credit hours

NURS 5103 Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 5804 Leadership Ethics, Law and Healthcare Policy
NURS 6323 Research Integration in Nursing Practice
NURS 6623 Nursing Practicum
NURS 6603 Master’s Project

Nursing Leadership Role Preparation: 17 credit hours
NURS 5202 Technology Management in Nursing Leadership
NURS 5302 Quality Improvement and Safety in Nursing Healthcare Leadership
NURS 6303 Contemporary Healthcare Organizations
NURS 6403 Evolving Healthcare Systems
NURS 6314 Healthcare Economics and Financial Management
NURS 6413 Emerging Complex Healthcare Systems

Total Credit Hours: 33

Additional Curriculum:

RN-to-MSN Option

Registered Nurses, who have bachelor's degrees in non-nursing fields from accredited institutions recognized by Oklahoma City University and meet admission requirements, may progress directly to the MSN courses by taking the following BSN-level courses during their first semester. No other bachelor's level courses of any type are required for admission. Completion of a course in statistics is required prior to enrollment in NURS 6323.

RN-to-MSN Option Courses

NURS 4403 RN-to-BSN Health Assessment
NURS 4605 RN-to-BSN Community Health Nursing
NURS 4805 RN-to-BSN Nursing Leadership

Post-Master's Certificate Program

Click HERE for more information about the Post-Master's Certificate Program and its curriculum.