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Clinical Curriculum

Representative Layout of the Clinical Phase

(Individual rotation schedules will vary based on availabilities at various clinical practice sites; however, each of the 5 one credit hour business courses will be taught during the semesters indicated.)

PA-2 Spring Semester

CourseCredit Hours
PA 5342 Infectious Diseases2
PA 5355 Acute Care5
PA 5383 Capstone3


PA 6034 Medicine/Elective4
PA 6311 Reimbursement, Documentation, Billing and Coding1

PA-2 Summer Semester

CourseCredit Hours
PA 6014 Family Medicine4
PA 6024 Internal Medicine4
PA 6044 Surgery4
PA 6054 Pediatrics4
PA 6111 Operationalizing a Medical Practice 1

PA-2 Fall Semester

CourseCredit Hours
PA 6064 Women's Health4
PA 6074 Behavioral Health4
PA 6084 Emergency Medicine4
PA 6034 Medicine/Elective4
PA 6121 Finances of a Medical Practice1
PA 6211 Accessing the Community 1

PA-3 Spring Semester

CourseCredit Hours
PA 6034 Medicine/Elective4
PA 6034 Medicine/Elective4
PA 6034 Medicine/Elective4
PA 6094 Preceptorship and Summative Experience4
PA 6321 Contracts and Medical Law1

Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences (SCPEs)

PA 6014 Family Medicine (4 weeks)
PA 6024 Internal Medicine (4 weeks)
PA 6034 Medicine/Elective (five separate 4 week SCPEs)
PA 6044 Surgery (4 weeks)
PA 6054 Pediatrics (4 weeks)
PA 6064 Women's Health (4 weeks)
PA 6074 Behavioral Health (4 weeks)
PA 6084 Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)
PA 6094 Preceptorship (4 weeks) and Summative Process (1-2 weeks)