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January 2020

Type of Incident

Case Number

Date & Time of Occurrence

Date & Time Reported

General Location


Suspicious Activity

20-01-00101/01/2020 @1120 hrsSamePolice Dept parking lotCLOSED
Notice to Vacate20-01-00201/01/2020 @1624 hrsSameMeindersCLOSED
Warrant Arrest20-01-00301/01/2020 @1803 hrsSame23rd & Virginia CLOSED
Vehicle Impound20-01-00401/09/2020 @0745 hrsSame CokesburyCLOSED
Alcohol Contact 20-01-00501/09/2020 @1044 hrsSameMethodist HallCLOSED
Larceny20-01-00601/09/2020 @1729 hrsSameCokesburyOPEN
Drunk in Public
Non OCU affiliation
20-01-00701/12/2020 @0155 hrsSameNoble DrCLOSED
Larceny 20-01-00801/12/2020 @1803 hrsSameDraper HallOPEN
Notice to Vacate20-01-00901/12/2020 @1858 hrsSameBlackwelder & 26thCLOSED
Found Property20-01-01001/12/2020 @0615 hrsSameGold StarCLOSED
Medical Assist20-01-01101/15/2020 @1007 hrsSameWalker HallCLOSED
Notice to Vacate20-01-01201/15/2020 @1447 hrsSame23rd & Kentucky AveCLOSED
Driving Under Suspension
Non OCU affiliation
20-01-01301/16/2020 @1100 hrsSameNW 30th & PennCLOSED
Notice to Vacate20-01-01401/17/2020 @2030 hrsSameNoble DrCLOSED
Notice to Vacate20-01-01501/20/2020 @2241 hrsSameMethodist HallCLOSED
Second Degree Burglary20-01-01601/20/2020 @1040 hrsSameBaseball Facility OPEN
Failure to Comply 20-01-01701/20/2020 @1008 hrsSameMcDaniel CLOSED
Lost Property20-01-01801/22/2020 @1432 hrsSamePolice DepartmentCLOSED
Lost Property20-01-01901/22/2020 @1454 hrsSamePolice DepartmentCLOSED
Lost Property20-01-02001/22/2020 @1530 hrsSamePolice Department CLOSED
Lost Property20-01-02101/22/2020 @1557 hrsSamePolice DepartmentCLOSED
Second Degree Burglary20-01-02201/23/2020 @0542 hrsSameFreedeCLOSED
Notice to Vacate20-01-02301/28/2020 @1008 hrsSameUnited Methodist Center CLOSED
Auto Burglary20-01-02401/28/2020 @1730 hrs01/29/2020
@1725 hrs
Walker CenterOPEN
Notice to Vacate20-01-02501/29/2020 @2207 hrs01/29/2020 @2230 hrsWalker HallCLOSED
Notice to Vacate20-01-02601/3/2020 @1526 hrsSameSoftball field parking lotCLOSED