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File a Complaint

Oklahoma City University Police Officers are bound by University policies and procedures, OCU Police Dept. policies and procedures, as well as state and federal guidelines and procedures for certified active duty police officers.

Complaints against OCU Police Officers or Dispatchers can be accepted in person, by phone, email, letter, or formal complaint form. Complainants can simply call 405-208-5001 and request to speak to a supervisor to make a complaint. A supervisor will call you back if one is not available at the time.

Complainants do not need to complete the Formal Complaint Form if they choose not to do so, but all complaints against an officer or dispatcher will be followed by a detailed interview of the complainant. This is required in order to capture the details and full extent of the complaint. The detailed interview also helps us determine which policies and procedures an officer or dispatcher may have violated.

  1. Please complete as much of the form as possible.
  2. An investigation will be conducted whether or not the form is notarized.
  3. Please included copies of any photographs, videos, or other evidence you may have regarding police misconduct.
  4. If providing a typed statement, attach it and note, “See Attached Documents” in the narrative section.
  5. If more space is needed in the “Allegations” section, please note, “See Attached Document” and attach.
  6. Please sign each page containing added information.
  7. Please feel free to contact the police department at 405-208-5001 if you have any questions.
  8. Return packet to the Police Dept. or the Student Affairs Office.

OCU Police Department — 405-208-5001

OCU Office of Student Affairs — 405-208-6287

OCU Title-IV Investigations Office — 405-208-6310

OCU Human Resources Office — 405-208-6330

Complaint Form (pdf)

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