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Religious Studies

Religion Track (Credit Hours: 34)

The Religion Track is the most flexible program in the School of Religion. Students are able to adapt the program to focus primarily on Christian traditions or combine the study of Christianity with the study of other religious traditions such as Judaism, Islam, or Hinduism. 

This program along with courses in English, history, philosophy, the social sciences, and various electives will provide the student excellent preparation for seminary and graduate school or for various careers in faith communities, non-profits, and other community service related organizations.

General Education Requirements

Required courses for all religious studies majors:

Course Number/LevelTitleCredit Hours
REL 1001Orientation to Religious Studies
REL 2023Methods of Scriptural Interpretation3
3000–4000 levelScripture Studies Course3
3000–4000 levelTheology course3
REL 4803Capstone3

Additional courses required for the Religion Track:

Course Number/LevelTitleCredit Hours
Any levelReligion, Ethics, Culture3
3000–4000 levelHistory of Religion3
3000–4000 levelWorld Religions3
PHIL/REL 4103Philosophy of Religion3
3000–4000 levelElective courses9