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Youth Ministry/Religious Education

Youth Ministry/Religious Education (Credit Hours: 42)

The Youth Ministry/Religious Education major is particularly useful for students interested in ordained ministry, Christian education, youth work, program coordination, or other church-related vocations. 

  • The Youth Ministry Track focuses on ministry with junior high and high school students 
  • The Religious Education Track has a broader focus including children, youth, and adults. 
  • Coursework is tailored to reflect the track and the student’s interest area. 
  • An Internship is required in the junior or senior year to gain hands-on experience.

General Education Requirements

Required courses for all youth ministry/religious education majors

Course Number/LevelTitleCredit Hours
REL 1001Orientation to Religious Studies
REL 2023Methods of Scriptural Interpretation3
REL 3233United Methodist Studies3
REL 3813Nature & Work of Christian Education3
REL 4603Leadership in Christian Education3
REL 4613The Bible in Ministry3
REL 4703Theology in Ministry3
REL 4803Capstone3
REL 4981Internship in Religion (two semesters)2

One 3000-4000 level course in each of the following areas (9 hours)

Course Number/LevelTitleCredit Hours
REL 3013History of Christianity (Ancient-Medieval) or3
REL 3113History of Christianity or3
REL 3223History of Christian Spirituality3
3000–4000 levelHebrew Bible or New Testament
3000–4000 levelWorld Religions3

Youth Ministry Track (9 hours)

Course Number/LevelTitleCredit Hours
REL 3913Ministry with Youth3
REL 3923Adolescent World3
REL 3933Ministry with Children and Families or3
REL 3943Ministry with Adults3

Religious Education Track (9 hours)

Choose three of the following four courses:

Course Number/LevelTitleCredit Hours
REL 3913Ministry with Youth3
RLE 3933Ministry with Children and Families3
REL 3943Ministry with Adults3
Any levelReligion, Ethics and Culture course3