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Basis for Disqualification 

 The following criteria serve as automatic disqualification for the internship funding managed by the Career Center:

  • Incomplete application at time of deadline or submission of materials after the deadline
  • Student previously received an internship award from Career Services
  • Non-completion of any of the internship requirements
  • Virtual, independent, or unsupervised internships
  • No research projects or work under any department at the university will be funded
  • Internship site is owned or managed by member of intern’s family
  • Inaccurate representation of internship or employer information
  • Academic or conduct violations before or during your internship
  • Non-completion of post-internship commitments
  • Transferring or withdrawing from the university before, during, or after the internship is completed so as not to be enrolled in the upcoming fall term

Do I need to be in a certain major to be eligible?

No, Students in ALL majors are encouraged to apply. 

Can I apply for funding for more than one experience?

Students may not receive funding for more than one internship (at different sites) to be done in the same time period. Internship funding is designed to support an internship experience at a single site that lasts a minimum of six weeks.  

Can I accept a Career Services award if I am already receiving funds from OCU this summer?

No. Applicants cannot access funding from multiple OCU sources for internships. If you have committed to receiving funding from another OCU source, you are obligated to withdraw your funding application through Career Services. 

Are there any internships that are NOT usually funded?

The following internships are less likely to be selected for funding: private corporate law firms, partisan organizations, Fortune 500 companies and private medical practices of any type.

What if I will be transferring after the summer? Am I still eligible for funding?


How long can my internship last?

Internships must be a minimum of 6 weeks. You can carry out your internship for longer, but your award is a fixed amount and you cannot receive additional funding for the weeks you choose to stay or extensions you commit to.

What do I do about housing during my internship?

Although some internships offer housing, most do not. Before you apply for an internship, be sure that you can figure out a place to live before you apply. Many students choose to live with relatives or friends during the summer. Also, many college campuses open up their dorms to summer interns for a reasonable rate. Carefully think through this issue while selecting your internships. The most challenging cities to find affordable housing are major metropolitan areas such as New York City and Washington, DC.

I don’t have an offer for an internship yet, but I am pursuing several opportunities. Should I still submit my application for internship funding?

Yes. The application allows students to submit information for up to four potential internship sites. Some internship sponsors will not make a decision until early/mid-May; however, if you are offered funding and the sponsor can indicate to you in writing that you are on a short list of candidates, you can submit this letter and your funding will be held until May 18 at 5pm. You will need to submit the final employer confirmation letter as soon as it arrives and no later than May 18 to receive any funds. If your internship experience can’t be verified by the last day of confirmation, the offer will be rescinded and extended to the wait list

I have been offered Internship funding but still haven’t secured my placement.

Students who have been awarded funding will have until May 18th at 5pm to submit an employer offer letter and retain their funding. Anyone who is unable to do so will forfeit their award. 

My internship offer could not be verified by the final due date, can I apply again?

Yes, if you were awarded funds that you were unable to accept due to employer confirmation and meet eligibility standards you can apply for future internship funding. 

Can I transfer my funding to another internship?

No. If you decide to take another internship, you must forfeit your internship funding. The selection committee awards funding based on your application and cannot reconsider requests to change at a later date. Please notify Career Services if you wish to decline your funding so that it can be awarded to another student on the waitlist.

What do I do now that I have been awarded internship funding?

When you are notified via email, you will be told the dollar amount that you have been awarded and you will be given an agreement to complete, indicating that you have accepted the internship funding. You must complete and return this agreement by the indicated date. A portion of your award will be granted upfront after you have completed all necessary paperwork. The remainder of the award will then be disbursed in equal amounts over the course of your internship, minus $250. The $250 reserve will be released after you have submitted your final internship report form AND once your supervisor's evaluation has been received. Although you are welcome to submit these documents early, the final $250 payment will not be released until August 31. 

I was offered a paid internship that eliminates my need internship funding from OCU. What should I do?

If your plans and budget request change and you no longer need internship funding, please notify Career Services as soon as possible, so that another student from the waitlist may receive the funding as quickly as possible. 

What does it mean if I am “waitlisted”?

The selection committee will waitlist students in the event that students who are awarded funding will have to decline the award. If you have been waitlisted, please keep in touch with Career Services. Please note: You will need to have accepted one of the internship experiences you noted when you applied for the program in order to be eligible for the award.

What if the dates of my internship change?

You are welcome to stay at your internship longer than your original dates, but we cannot increase your funding amount. If you need to decrease your dates, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can work with you to adjust your award amount.

What do I need to do once my internship is over?

Once you complete your internship, please submit the following documents:

Final Intern Evaluation Form (electronic)

Please ask your internship sponsor to submit an evaluation of you as their intern, detailing the duties/projects that you have completed and the quality of your performance. This must be received by Career Services before the final $250 payment can be released.

Final Internship Reflection and Experience Evaluation (electronic)

 It is due by August 17 at 5pm. Please note: It is often easier to write the report when the experiences are fresh, please feel free to turn yours in early (however, your final payment of $250 will not be released to you until August 31).

  • We highly recommend keeping an internship journal to facilitate the writing of this report; it is easy to forget all the tasks and projects that you will be learning and doing. Please reread, edit, proofread, etc., since it will be published on Career Services social media or website. 

 Submit a professional headshot or a picture of yourself at your internship (if allowed) which will be featured in a social media campaign Success Stories: #starsatwork; due August 17 by 5pm

Complete any Thank You notes, as requested in your contract.