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StuPro Mentor

Participation in StuPro Program

Being a StuPro mentor can be extremely rewarding. Mentors are able to participate closely in a student's professional development and align hands-on experiences with their academic and career pursuits. As a mentor you can:

  • Gain innovative ideas and fresh perspective
  • Receive cost effective valuable contributions
  • Promote academic, personal and professional development
  • Increase student/departmental engagement

Should you have any questions about the StuPro process, please don’t hesitate to contact the Career Services office at 405.208.5171 or

Program Timeline

Application for Funding Opens: January 15, 2021 at 8 a.m.

Application for Funding Closes: February 1, 2021 at 5 p.m.

Review Committee meets early February to assess applications

  • *Please note there is no appeals process. All decisions are final.

Notification of Application Status via email: by February 26, 2021

On-Campus Internships posted to Handshake: beginning the week of March 5th.

New Mentor Orientation and Updates: April and May 2021, specific dates TBD

Internships begin: August 2021

StuPro Funding Levels

Please consider this information carefully when designing a potential internship position:

$1,600 = 5 hours per week for fall and spring semesters or 10 hours per week for one semester only

$3,200= 10 hours per week for fall and spring semesters or 20 hours per week for one semester only

(award amounts will be for $1600 or $3200, the above is the recommended structure)

Mentor Role Requirements

The StuPro program's on-campus internship positions are not the same as other student work-study or on-campus student employment opportunities. Mentors should be prepared to not only provide oversight and training but also feedback on professional demeanor, business communication and office etiquette. Students mastering these critical skills are in high demand in the professional world.

Mentor requirements

  • Provide basic data to Career Services on the number of applicants applying to your awarded position, as requested
  • Qualified Mentors must be full-time Staff or Faculty
  • Attend an information and program update session, as requested
  • Complete Student Employment and Career Services paperwork in a timely manner
  • Ensure that no more than 25% of the work is dedicated to everyday tasks (running errands, answering phones, etc)
  • Provide hands-on professional experiences aligned with learning objectives and ongoing critical feedback
  • Monitor and track attendance and submit accurate payroll
  • Complete a short online mid-term assessment on your StuPro and your role as a Mentor
  • Complete an online year-end evaluation
  • Facilitate your StuPro's participation in required professional career development activities

Please note: Students who don't complete the program requirements will be ineligible for re-hire through the StuPro program. Mentors who do not fulfill program requirements will be ineligible to apply for the next funding cycle.

StuPro Learning Contract

The Learning Contract is a defined discussion of expectations and outcomes between Mentor and Intern. This is meant to reinforce professionalism and set clear communication from day one. Mentors and Interns will need to complete the contract together and discuss the three major learning outcomes that align with the position.

All contracts must be completed with signatures and emailed to the Career Services office no later than one week after the defined internship start date.

Professional Development Requirements

Program Requirements

All StuPro interns are required to fulfill one Professional Development (PD) activity, attend a Virtual Career Fair, complete a professional portfolio and submit their Resume to Career Services for review.

Resume submission is required prior to the conclusion of the fall term. Everything else may be completed by the end of spring term.

Professional Development Activities include:

  • Virtual Career and Internship Fair on Handshake, held each semester
  • Career Services classroom presentation / student organization presentation
  • LinkedIn Profile Review
  • Mock Interview
  • Career Conversation with a professional in desired field
  • Participate in Alumni Mentor Program, AMP (Juniors & Seniors only)
  • Networking or other school/professional association event (must be approved by Career Services)

Please note: Students who don't complete the program requirements will be inelligible for re-hire through the StuPro program.

Required for StuPros: Student Orientation Session (Details will be emailed.)