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Elijah Christman

Elijah Christman
Elijah Christman

Area of Study

Human Performance


Justin, Texas

Describe your senior year in 3 words.

Rewarding, Challenging, & Remarkable

What advice would you give to next year's freshman class?

I would advise incoming freshman to try and decide what to major in their studies as soon as possible! Falling behind in credits and prerequisites can be a challenge when playing catch up.

For students who are new to the OKC area, what is one place they should visit or restaurant they should try?

Sunnyside Diner

What will you miss most about OCU?

Basketball games and playing under the bright lights

What professor or staff member stands out from your time here, and why?

Dr. Miller & Dr Bracken - Both are tremendous professors that are willing to work with you and go out of their way to help you succeed.

What was your most memorable moment from this school year?

Winning the Sooner Athletic Conference tournament championship [in basketball]!

What is one thing you'd like to say to your family and/or friends on your graduation day?

Thank you for your love and support throughout all of college!

What are your plans after graduation?

To utilize my degree & hopefully continue my academic career.