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Peyton Wagner

Peyton Wagner
Peyton Wagner

Areas of Study

Youth Ministry


Oklahoma City, OK

Describe your senior year in 3 words.

Is this graded?

What advice would you give to next year's freshman class?

DRINK WATER! My freshman year I got severely dehydrated....not fun. Also don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and find your people!

For students who are new to the OKC area, what is one place they should visit or restaurant they should try?

Teapioca Lounge!!! (right down the street from OCU on 23rd) They have GREAT tea, coffee, and smoothies (with or without boba)!! I would suggest getting an ice cream coffee with boba.

What will you miss most about OCU?

My professors. The religion professors at OCU are unlike any people I have ever met. They are all so kind, so welcoming, and so open.

What professor or staff member stands out from your time here, and why?

Dr. Leslie Long. She has been my ROCK throughout the past four years. She tells it like it is but also has her students' best interests at heart. I love Dr. Long with my whole heart.

What was your most memorable moment from this school year?

Getting to go to the special called session of General Conference of the United Methodist church with my United Methodist Studies class in late February. Although it was difficult to be there, we were witnessing history. I will forever remember this monumental trip with my classmates and professors.

What is one thing you'd like to say to your family and/or friends on your graduation day?

I couldn't have gotten through all of the sleepless nights, difficult classes (mainly Greek and Political Islam), and emotional breakdowns without your love and support.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to eventually become a Youth Pastor in a local church in the OKC area, continually implementing all of the things I learned at OCU to better love the youth that I work with.