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Davon Carrington

Davon summarizes his accomplishments while at OCU:

I worked at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts where I played in different pit orchestras, had master classes and side by side concerts with members of the Pittsburgh Symphony and Baltimore, and got to sit in the pit for Wicked on Broadway.

I gave Oklahoma's first Master in Multiple Woodwind Performance recital.

I started working with Rose State Theater and Lyric.

I played clarinet in the Oklahoma Chamber Symphony, flute and saxophone when called for, and oboe in chamber groups. I played oboe in the Oklahoma Composer's Orchestra.

I've played jazz gigs at Vast at the Devon Tower, the Skirvin Hotel, 21c hotel, and the Epworth Villa.

It has been a privilege to have been a part of your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Your growth as a musician and person have been remarkable and inspiring, and I know that great things are on the horizon for you. When you become rich and famous playing on Broadway, don’t forget all of us little people who cheered you on during your schooling! Stay in touch!

—Dr. Matt Mailman

Davon Carrington
The Wanda L. Bass School of Music congratulates Davon Carrington, graduating with the Master of Music in Multiple Woodwind Performance!