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Destini Carrington

Destini, You embody the Clara Luper Scholarship in every way. I know that she is as proud of you as I am! The world needs you now. Go get 'em!

—Russ Tallchief

Congratulations! Although I never had the privilege of having you in class, I appreciated getting to know you on the Taiwan trip. From that and the impact you have made on campus, I know you will have a bright future. —Laurie Kauffman

Since Stars 101, Destini has been a relatable, influential and vital friend to me. She not only makes the transition as a first-year student easier, but she has also served as a guide being a black student on a predominantly white campus.

Destini is transparent, real, and a big reason for the increased amount of unique student voices. She has always promoted "The Black Agenda" and the practices of equity on the OCU campus.

She has held many titles for the past four years, but the most honorable title I have seen her hold since the beginning is a mentor. Looking back on all of the successes seen by the Black Student Association this year, it is clear that Destini has left a LEGACY at OCU.

- BreAuna Shaw

Destini Carrington and Ruby Gutierrez—Doers Office

So proud of you, Destini! You have always impressed me with your calm and collected demeanor, and you are also ready to be firm and heard in matters of injustice. I have witnessed so much growth over the last 2 years that I've known you, and can't wait to see what you accomplish after these undergraduate years. Grateful to have had you as my StuPro, and as a student I learned from and admire. Go conquer your goals, girl! You are destined for greatness!

—Tiffany Smith

Destini Carrington and Tiffany Smith
Destini, keep leading with your heart and fighting for what is right! You will do amazing things! —Levi Harrel​