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Wimberly School of Religion Seniors

The Wimbys 2020: Most of the Class of 2020 as First-Years
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Wait, that must have been from our tech prankster …
KC: Tech Prankster; not a Quitter, but a WINNER Award. Quote from KC: "I am gonna quit! I am done!" Banner: But you made it!
The Bubbly, Bouncing Bethany Award!
John: The Quintessential Biblenerd Award! Quote from John Starkey: "What do you like to read?" Quote from another person: "The Bible, of course!" (Maybe Dr. Wolfe was the *original* Biblenerd, but John is the *quintessential* Biblenerd!!)
Jay Williams: The “Many Names” Award: Pastor Jay, Vlogger Jay, Cheer Jay, Gunkle Jay (pictured with his two adopted nephews), and Student Jay!
Korey: The Wrestling at the Jabbok Like Jacob Award
In remembrance of the oft-used Wimby of years past: "The John Starkey Award for Brilliant but Incomprehensible Theology." Dr. Starkey receives this as well as the "Green Pen, What Are You Reading? No Syllabus, Late-To-Return-Papers" Awards. We miss you always, Dear Professor, especially now.