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Sara Martin

Wesley Center memories of Sara Martin


You have worked so hard to accomplish so much. I am so grateful for your work in classes, in Religious Life, and on behalf of the UMC. Your wisdom and care are a blessing to many. I look forward to being your colleague in ministry.

- Elizabeth Horton-Ware

When you have made up your mind, you start working for it. Wishing you a very Happy Graduation, Sara! You've worked tirelessly towards this goal and I know you will accomplish others in the future. Take a moment to live in this moment and be grateful for the grace that’s been extended to you. Best of luck, and your approaching new goals are already bright!

- Andrea Moore


I am so blessed that I can call you friend. You are one of the most theologically sound people I know. You have so much passion for the Church, and you see issues that others are blind to. Thank you for your kindness and your love. You truly inspire me every time you speak. I pray that you are filled with peace and understanding during this time. Love you so much!

- Genna Parr