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Victoria Mayhall

Victoria, It has been an absolute joy getting to know you over the past four years. I am so grateful that Alpha Chi brought us together and that I can call you my sister. You are the true embodiment of a Real, Strong Woman. I admire your grace, poise, confidence, leadership capabilities, calm/collected demeanor, and brilliant intelligence. I know the future holds big things for you, and I can't wait to keep up with your adventures. Congratulations on your graduation, I'm so proud of you! LITB, Sarah Kelly

I've called you many things over the last 4 years of our friendship. Star, New Member, V, Honey, Roommate, and now fellow OCU grad. We have had the distinct pleasure of working with each other on some super fun things, as well as found ourselves in some super NOT fun situations (who could forget SGA ’17-18?) Through it all, you have been constant. You have grown and evolved throughout college, but you have always been steady. From the moment you graced our campus with your presence, you knew who you were and what your contribution would be to society. I so admire this about you. As you enter deeper into adulthood, these traits give you a head start on everyone else. You won't have to spend your early to mid-20s in a search for meaning. Instead, you give meaning to things. You're going to change the world, and I am so glad I get to watch you do it.

LITB, Monica Hiller

Congratulations, Victoria! I’m sure today will be only the first of many proud, successful moments for you. Remember that you will always be a Clara Luper Scholar! —Russ Tallchief
Victoria Mayhall

Congrats on your graduation Victoria! You have been a fantastic leader in AXO, and I am so pleased to have been a small part of your journey. Can't wait to watch where your post-grad adventures take you.

Loyally, Krystal Murer

To strike on the lyre of the universe only the notes of happiness, of joy, of peace

Everyone knew that Victoria and I would be great friends before we'd even met each other, but thank goodness we did because they were right! Victoria is my best friend, greatest inspiration, and the person I want to be when I grow up. I'm so lucky to know her, and I can't wait to watch her be brilliant and successful in the real world. I'm so proud of you, Victoria!

—Taylor Downey