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Authority over the Student Code of Conduct

  1. The Student Conduct Administrator shall determine the composition of Student Conduct Boards and Appellate Boards and determine which Student Conduct Board, Student Conduct Administrator and Appellate Board shall be authorized to hear each matter.
  2. The Chief Student Conduct Officer shall develop policies for the administration of the student conduct system and procedural rules for the Student Conduct Board Hearings that are not inconsistent with provisions of the Student Code.
  3. Decisions made by the Student Conduct Board and/or Student Conduct Administrator shall be final pending the normal appeal process.
  4. Complaints against students that constitute discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and/or retaliation will be forwarded to the Compliance Coordinator for administration under the Policy Concerning Actions That Constitute Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Violence, and/or Retaliation.