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B. Procedures for International Students

B. Special Procedures for Students Participating in International Education Programs

Students who participate in International Education Programs are subject to the Oklahoma City University Student Code while at the program site. The following are Hearing procedures in the event a student participating in an International Education Program is accused of violating the Student Code:

  1. The sponsoring program institution will forward incident reports and any supporting documents to the Oklahoma City University Office of Global Engagement immediately following the incident. The Office of Global Engagement will contact the appropriate University offices.

  2. In situations where the accused student is not available to appear in person at the Oklahoma City University home campus, when appropriate, the Chief Student Conduct Officer will designate a Student Code Administrator at the international site.

  3. In the event a designee is not designated, the Student Code Administrator may conduct a student conduct Hearing by telephone or other means of communication or upon the return of the student to campus.
  4. All student conduct Hearings will be conducted as prescribed in this Student Code.

  5. All sanctions listed in the Student Code, including interim suspension may be employed in the event a student is found responsible.

  6. In the case of arrest or other legal issues, Oklahoma City University assumes no financial responsibility for legal aid costs associated with expulsion from the University while participating in an International Education Program (Study Abroad), included but not limited to return transportation to the U.S. from a host country. However, when appropriate, a University liaison may provide assistance in contacting family and appropriate government offices.

  7. Any expenses related to the Hearing and sanctions, including travel, lodging, meals, etc., will be the responsibility of the accused student if found responsible.