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Chalking Policy

Chalking must be approved by the Oklahoma City University Office of Student Engagement. In order to obtain approval, a requester, using their University login, may fill out the Chalking Request Form

Chalking is only allowed on sidewalks and may not be within 30 feet of any building.

Chalking is prohibited on all other surfaces on campus including but not limited to:

  • McDaniel University Center covered patio (outside of Alvin’s)

  • McDaniel University Center Patio Cobblestones

  • Brick surfaces

  • Furniture

  • Metal Tables, Benches or Chairs

  • Planters

  • Trash Cans

  • Walls

  • Building exteriors

  • The Pavilion

Any violation of this rule will result in a $200 fine to the student organization. The organization will also be responsible for cleanup with a power washer to be coordinated with facilities.