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D. Computer Use

As an institution of higher education, Oklahoma City University will implement and maintain computer and electronic network systems to enhance, promote, and support the academic advancement and administrative services of the University. Students, faculty, staff, and guests may be granted access to and use of these systems as deemed appropriate by the University President or his or her authorized representatives. Authorized users of campus resources should use campus networks and computers wisely and consider the rights of others. The following policy provides guidelines and regulations for the proper use of computer and network resources on campus. The University will not tolerate the misuse of these resources.


This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, and guests who use OCU networks, computer systems, and PCs. It covers all university-owned equipment and non-university-owned equipment residing on university property connected to University networks. It is applicable to all residence hall facilities, including the Cokesbury Court Apartments. All references in this policy to residence halls include Cokesbury Court apartments.

Use of any computer attached to a University network binds the user to this policy regardless of the ownership of said computer.

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