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G. Financial Holds

A financial hold will be placed on the records of any student who has a past-due financial obligation to the University or is in default on a student loan. A hold prevents the student from pre-enrollment and receiving transcripts and/or other student records. The hold may remain in place for up to seven business days after payment to allow for funds to transfer before it is released. In case of a default of a student financial program, the hold will remain until the Office of Student Account Services receives notification from the Office of Financial Aid, or from the loan guarantee agency, that the student is no longer in default and owes no money to any financial program. Additional financial holds may be placed on a student’s account for the following:

  • Overdue library books
  • Parking tickets
  • Student conduct

For questions, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

Location: Room 340 in the Clara E. Jones Administration Building

Phone: (405) 208-5146

Please click here to access the Student Financial Services web page.