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J. Honesty Policy

Bribery and Extortion

Bribery, attempted bribery, acceptance of a bribe, or failure to report a bribe by any member of the University community is prohibited. Extortion, the act or attempt to obtain money or anything of value by violence, misuse of authority, or improper threats is also prohibited. Such conduct may result in criminal charges in addition to University disciplinary action.

Falsification of Records

Students are personally responsible for the correctness and accuracy of information supplied to the University. Any student who knowingly gives incorrect information to the University is subject to disciplinary action, which may lead to suspension.


Imitating or counterfeiting signatures, works of art, University documents, enrollment forms requiring a professor’s, dean’s or other official’s signature, or other productions with the intent to deceive, and/or the unauthorized use of names, titles, or signatures may result in University disciplinary action or criminal prosecution.