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N. Performing Arts Events

Ticket Policy

Students attending concerts, recitals, stage performances, and athletic events for which admissions are charged and tickets are required, must have a valid ticket to be inside the event facility. A valid ticket must be presented to ushers and University officials on request. Failure to present a valid ticket as requested will result in expulsion from the event facility, loss of privilege to purchase a ticket for the event, and possible disciplinary action.

Prohibition on Recording Performances

In the absence of official information specifically authorizing videotaping, recording, or photography at a dance, music, theater, or other stage production or concert, students should assume that such activities are strictly forbidden. Productions always prohibit cameras inside the auditorium and always prohibit recording of any kind.

In the event that a student violates restrictions on the presence of cameras, recording, taping, or photographing part or all of a production, the following may happen:

  • The student’s camera or recording device may be temporarily confiscated.
  • The student must surrender the film or recording media immediately upon request by a University official.
  • The student may be expelled from the auditorium, theater, or concert hall without refund of any part of the admission the student paid for the ticket.
  • The student may be barred from attending future dance, music, or theater events.
  • The student may be subject to disciplinary action.

Prohibited Items at Performances

Due to heightened security, please avoid bringing: packages, luggage, backpacks, etc. to the theater. No weapons, bottles, coolers, or containers are allowed in the theater.

All packages are subject to inspection.