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T. Solicitations & Advertising

Oklahoma City University requires that the following guidelines be followed for any on-campus solicitation and the posting or distribution of any flyers, posters, handbills, or other printed materials anywhere on campus.

Printed Materials

  1. The OCU Involved Center, room 114 of the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center must approve all printed materials before being posted on campus.
  2. All flyers must have the approval stamp by the Involved Center.
  3. Those printed materials without the approval stamp will be removed without notice.
  4. Printed materials may only be posted in designated locations in each on-campus facility.
  5. Anyone that posts printed materials is responsible for the timely removal and disposal of the posted printed materials after the events or functions advertised have occurred.
  6. Materials of any kind may not be posted on painted, wood, metal, or glass surfaces. Violators will be responsible for damages.


  1. On-campus solicitation is only allowed with the express permission of the Dean of Student’s Office, Room 257 of the McDaniel University Center.
  2. Solicitations related to employment must be approved by the Office of Career Services, Room 200 of the Meinders School of Business.
  3. Solicitations related to religion must be approved by the Director of Religious Life, Chapel L111.
  4. Materials advertising non-University approved housing are strictly prohibited.