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Student Travel Policy

Oklahoma City University provides opportunities for student travel for activities that facilitate and/or enhance the learning process. This policy only applies to domestic travel that occurs away from campus that is either outside the boundaries of Oklahoma County or overnight travel. The Office of Academic Affairs or the Risk Management Department shall be consulted all matters concerning international travel or travel associated with the study abroad program.

I. University-Sponsored Travel

A. University-Sponsored Travel is student travel to an event that is initiated, actively managed, planned or arranged by a member of the University’s faculty or staff. University Sponsored Travel also includes travel that is initiated, actively managed, planned or arranged by a Registered Student Organization that has received University permission to facilitate travel for a specific function. University-Sponsored travel is wholly funded with University funds. The University shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or other consequence resulting from a participant’s failure to comply with University rules and policies, the direction of University employees, or applicable law.

B. All participants are required to:

  1. Comply with the standards set forth in the Oklahoma City University Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook, and other applicable University policies.
  2. Conduct their selves in a manner consistent with the environment, understanding the standard of decorum may differ from the on-campus environment.

C. Registered Student Organization travel must be consistent with the organization’s mission statement and constitution on file with the Office of Student Engagement.

D. Student travel must not create an undue interference with academic responsibilities.

E. The following documentation must be completed and submitted digitally to [email protected] no later than five (5) business days prior to the scheduled trip:

    1. An Oklahoma City University Group Travel Form
    2. A signed Oklahoma City University Travel Waiver and Release Agreement (from each participant)
    3. An Oklahoma City University Student Travel Emergency Contact Information form (from each participant)
    4. A copy of each participant’s health insurance card

*Click here to access the policy and all travel forms.

F. All University-sponsored travel must be chaperoned by an OCU staff or faculty member.

G. Faculty/staff advisors are required to complete a copy of the OCU Group Travel Form in advance of any travel.

H. Faculty/staff advisors are responsible for holding a meeting in advance of any travel with all participants to communicate the planned itinerary, behavioral expectations, and transportation details.

I. Spouses, friends, and family of students are not eligible to participate in University sponsored travel opportunities.

J. All participants are required to engage in the planned activities of the trip. Unstructured time should be kept to a minimum to reduce the risks inherent in unsupervised activity.

K. Any requests for deviation from this policy must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or their designee.

II. Non-University Sponsored Travel

Non-University-Sponsored travel is student travel that is not wholly funded using University funds. In some cases, the Student Government Association may support Registered Student Organization travel by providing funding for conference registration. This partial funding does not alter the non-University sponsored nature of the travel.

A. When participating in non-University sponsored travel, Registered Student Organizations are required to submit the OCU Group Travel Form to Oklahoma City University’s Office of Student Engagement via email ([email protected]) at least five (5) business days prior to the trip.

B. Faculty/staff advisors are encouraged to hold a meeting in advance of any travel with all participants to communicate the planned itinerary, behavioral expectations, and transportation details.

III. Transportation

A sponsoring University department may arrange for transportation by rental vehicle(s), chartered service, regularly scheduled transportation service, or, if necessary, personal vehicles.

Rental Vehicles: If rented with University funds, only approved university vehicle operators may drive; all terms of the rental contract must be enforced. The University prohibits departments or employees from renting 15-passenger vans for University travel.

Contract Bus Service: Adequate insurance coverage for personal injury and property damage must be provided by the bus company.

Personal Vehicles: Personal vehicles should only be used on a voluntary basis. The owners/drivers must provide their own insurance coverage. All student participants choosing to ride in a private automobile do so voluntarily and at their own risk. The University shall not insure or accept liability for any damage, loss or injury resulting from the use of a private vehicle. The University does not provide comprehensive or collision (physical damage) insurance for private vehicles driven on University business, and the owner is responsible for primary liability insurance. The University does carry non-owner excess liability coverage to protect the University and employee in the event of a suit resulting from an automobile accident in which an employee was driving on University business.

Click here to refer to University Vehicle usage policy.

IV. Accident and Medical Insurance

The faculty member, advisor, or administrator responsible for the trip shall communicate to the participants that the University does not provide medical insurance for any student’s participation in trips. All student participants shall be responsible for any medical costs they incur during and/or as a result of the trip.

V. Definitions

A Registered Student Organization is one that has been formed for educational, professional, social, recreational or other lawful purposes, derives the majority of its membership and all of its leadership from the student body of Oklahoma City University, has been approved for recognition by the Office of Student Engagement, and maintains a current registration status with the Office of Student Engagement.

A University sponsored event or activity is one that is initiated, actively managed, planned and/or arranged by a member of the University’s faculty, staff, or members of a Registered Student organization granted full sponsorship by the University.

Travel - Journeys beyond the boundaries of Oklahoma County, whether sponsored by the University or not, are considered Travel. Any trip that requires overnight lodging will be considered Travel. Journeys that occur only within the boundaries of Oklahoma County and will not require overnight lodging are considered Field Trips.