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V. Transcript Notations - Disciplinary

Transcript Notations

A disciplinary notation may be placed on an academic transcript if a student is found responsible for violations of University policies*. Notations will be placed under the following circumstances.

1. Suspensions – notation will be at the discretion of the investigating party

  • The notation will be: Disciplinary Suspension
  • Dates of suspension will be included (beginning and end)
  • Students will be given the opportunity to petition for the suspension notation to be removed one year after the conclusion of the suspension. The petition will be submitted to the office that made the final ruling on the suspension. If granted, the Registrar will be notified to remove the suspension notation.

2. Expulsions – all disciplinary expulsions will be notated on the transcript

  • The final notation will be: Disciplinary Expulsion
  • Until all appeal timelines and processes are complete, the notation will be: Pending Disciplinary Expulsion
  • The date of the expulsion will be included.
  • Once all appeal timelines and processes are complete, Registrar will be notified to either remove the notation (if a successful appeal is granted) or to finalize the notation.
  • Student grades will be reassigned to Ws.
  • All notations of expulsion will be permanent.

3. Pending Conduct Resolution – should a student leave the university prior to having conduct resolution, a notation will be made on the transcript

  • The notation will be: Conduct Resolution Pending
  • This notation is to be used for students who choose to leave the institution before the investigative process is complete.

*Students found responsible for violations of the University’s Nondiscrimination Policy (which includes Title IX violations) who are suspended or expelled as result of that determination, will also receive a disciplinary notation on their transcripts.

For more information about Title IX please click here.