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D. Campus Store

OCU is in partnership with Slingshot to operate the Campus Store. Slingshot is a healthy, growing family-owned private business that partners with colleges and universities to provide store services and course materials.

Location: First floor of the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center

Phone: (405) 208-5112

Click here to go to the University's campus and bookstore.


The Campus Store strives to meet all student textbook needs by offering extensive options for buying and selling textbooks at great prices.

  • Student Account Charging: – Slingshot ties in with the University’s billing system so you can charge textbooks directly to your school account.
  • Textbook Rental – Roughly 90% of all required textbook materials are available to rent, in store or online, which equates to savings.
  • Buyback – We currently offer daily buyback to all students in the Campus Store.
  • Pricing – Slingshot uses a unique algorithm that adjusts rental prices daily to react to the online marketplace.

Apparel and Accessories

Slingshot uses its reach and buying power to bring in premium brands for your spirit gear. You can literally wear your pride on your sleeve with top-notch products available at many different prices.