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I. Disability and Access Services

Disability and Access Services [DAS] are integral to a student’s transition to higher education, particularly for those who need environmental adjustments (e.g. academic processes, dietary, and housing).

DAS at Oklahoma City University [OCU] provides a variety of services to students with disabilities, based on individual need and documentation. OCU’s responsibility is to provide reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis and to assist the University in providing an equal and equitable opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in the institution’s programs, activities, and services. DAS is the official contact for students with documented disabilities who wish to request appropriate accommodations to mitigate the impact of certain environmental barriers. It is the responsibility of students to identify themselves and to make requests to this office to receive the appropriate accommodations. The staff of DAS also serves as a conduit between the faculty and staff of the University and the students in the event any questions or concerns arise.

Because disability related needs are individualized and determined through an interactive, case-by-case process, a full accommodation needs assessment is critical to this process. To engage in the interactive process, students must self-identify and connect with DAS in the following ways: