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D. Housing Regulations

The following regulations apply to all students, visitors, or guests in on-campus housing. All references to on campus housing include the residence halls, fraternity houses, and Cokesbury Court Apartments.

Residency Requirements

  • All unmarried students under 21 years of age before the first day of classes who are enrolled full-time, regardless of classification, are required to live in University housing or with a parent or legal guardian.
  • Any student under 21 years of age desiring to live with a parent or legal guardian within a 30-mile radius must submit a completed ‘Housing Exemption” form to the Housing Office, such request to contain the student’s I.D. number and local address, to be signed by the student’s parent or legal guardian along with two forms of supporting documentation.
  • Students who do not comply with the off-campus living arrangement for which they received an exemption for will be fined the lowest highest rate based on their classification.
  • If a student is found living off campus without being approved to live off campus the student will be changed
  • All individuals living in on-campus housing must be enrolled, full-time students at Oklahoma City University. Part-time students may live in on-campus housing with approval from the University Housing Office. Students can obtain approval by submitting a written request through email to the Director of Housing and Residence Life.
  • First-time freshmen will reside in Walker Hall, Banning Hall, and Draper Hall. Honors students are given priority housing in Banning Hall. All other students may reside in any permitted on-campus housing facility.
  • Residents of Walker, Banning, Draper, and Methodist Halls must purchase one of the Residential Meal Plans. Cokesbury Court Apartment residents may choose between purchasing one of the Residential, the Apartment or Commuter Plans.

Click here to view information on Housing and Meal Plan Rates.

On-Campus Housing Rent/Fees

  • All students applying for on-campus housing must pay a non-refundable housing processing fee that is charged to each student’s account with the Student Account Office.
  • All on-campus housing residents must pay non-refundable housing fee that are charged to each resident’s student account at the beginning of each academic year and cannot be covered by scholarship.
  • The housing rate covers occupancy of the assigned space from the official opening to 12 hours after the official withdrawal from the University, or 24 hours after a student’s last final examination.
  • Residents vacating on-campus housing prior to the completion of their contract will be charged their total rent
  • The housing rate for the residence halls do not cover occupancy during official University vacation periods or extended periods between terms. The University reserves the right, when necessary or practical, to close the residence halls during these periods. Special arrangements are available for residents who must remain during such periods. Residents will incur an additional charge. Official opening and closing times will be listed in the academic calendar, and will be posted in residence halls.
  • A resident who is suspended or expelled from the University or is removed from any on-campus housing facility for reason of improper conduct or for violation of University regulations must immediately vacate the facility upon notification and is not entitled to a refund. The removal of personal items remaining in the facility after the student has vacated will be at the discretion of the University.
  • All fines issued for failure to adhere to University regulations will be applied to students’ accounts. Grades and transcripts will not be released if any account is not cleared in accordance with the records of the Office of Student Account Services.

General Policies and Rules

  • On-campus residents are required to attend all regularly scheduled hall and/or floor meetings.
  • The University firearms and hazardous materials policy located in this handbook applies to all on campus housing.
  • Students must supply bedding, including deep-pocket or extra-long sheets, pillows, pillow cases, blankets, towels, and bedspread. Bed sizes vary by facility.
  • No pictures or articles that would leave permanent damage may be tacked or fastened in any way to the walls, woodwork, furniture, or electrical fixtures.
  • Sexist, racist, discriminating, or sexually explicit posters, pictures, articles or videos are not permitted in the residence halls.
  • Possession of incense and candles is strictly prohibited.
  • Residents are allowed one small artificial Christmas tree.
  • Real or live trees and boughs are prohibited. Christmas lights are allowed in the windows if they are placed safely and do not overload electrical circuits.

Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

  • At check-in each resident must complete a room inventory form. This includes transfer from one room to another during a term. The form indicates the condition of the room and allows for notation of any existing damage. Fines will be assessed based on damages reported.
  • Check-in must be completed prior to 10:00 p.m. on the day before classes begin, unless the student provides the Office of Housing and Residence Life advance written notice of late arrival.
  • Upon check-out, rooms must be left in the same condition they were when initially occupied. Students will be fined for any damages in the rooms.
  • All furnishings which are not property of the University must be removed by the resident prior to checkout.
  • All rooms must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by the Hall Director or Resident Assistant prior to vacating or transferring to another room.

Housing Assignments and Roommates

Incoming Students

  • Incoming student must complete a Housing Application online.
  • Incoming students are given housing assignments Mid-Summer
  • Incoming students may request a roommate when completing the Housing Application. Potential roommates must specifically request each other in their housing application in order to be considered for the same room assignment.

Current Students

  • Current on-campus housing residents returning to on-campus housing for the following academic year are eligible to participate in the Housing Selection.
  • The Housing Selection is held in March and provides on-campus housing residents an opportunity to handpick their housing assignment for the coming academic year.
  • Prior to Housing Selection, each on-campus resident will be given a time-slot to begin selecting housing.
  • Residents will select their housing in time-slot order. Groups of residents must have a full group (ie. four students to sign up for a quad, two students to sign up for a double) to be eligible for the priority housing times.
  • Only residents who have filled out an application on the Housing Portal will be eligible to participate in the priority Housing Selection process.

Housing Selection Requirements

  • Submit a Housing Application
  • Register for classes for the following semester.
  • Ensure there are no financial holds on the student account.
  • Immunization records are current and complete.

Room Retention

Students seeking to keep the same room or apartment for the following academic year may do so by selecting a room in the housing portal during announced days if they meet the requirements and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Residents must have all rooms filled and one current resident must remain in the room to retain the room.
  • Residents in a double or quad may “pull-in” other residents to retain the room. To retain a room, all roommates must complete a housing application and request each other as roommates on the Housing Portal with those residents with whom they are pulling in.
  • The rooms that have been retained will not be available for selection during the Housing Selection.

Room Retention Requirements

  • Submit a Housing Application online in the Housing Portal.
  • Register for classes for the following semester.
  • Ensure there are no financial holds on student account.
  • Immunization records are current and complete.

Room Assignments

  • Assignments are made for the entire academic year, except for students graduating in December.
  • Residents must receive approval from the Residence Hall Director before moving to another room.

Other Housing Policies and Procedures

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

  • The manufacture, presence, sale, or consumption of alcohol beverages or controlled substances is prohibited on the Oklahoma City University campus, its facilities and its property, and at University activities. Violations of this policy may result in suspension or expulsion from the University.
  • The Dean of Students or designee is authorized to require a student who he or she has reasonable grounds to believe is improperly using or possessing a controlled substance, to participate in a drug screening program.
  • The University reserves the right to inspect a dorm resident’s room if that individual is suspected of being in possession of a controlled substance.
  • The possession of empty alcohol containers, wine openers, cocktail shakers and other items associated with alcohol consumption will be considered a violation of the alcohol policy.
  • Use of any tobacco product is strictly prohibited in all on-campus housing.

Click here to view the University Alcohol and other Drugs Policy

Quiet Hours

  • Quiet hours Sunday – Thursday are 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. and Friday and Saturday midnight to 9 a.m. 2. Music may not be played loud enough to be heard outside individual rooms during quiet hours.

Lobby Hours

  • Lobbies are subject to closure for campus activities at the discretion of the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Every attempt will be made to provide advance notice of lobby closings.
  • Lobby hours are 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Sunday – Thursday) and 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. (Friday and Saturday).
  • Lobby hours may be adjusted at the discretion of the Housing and Residence Life staff.

Visitation and Overnight Guests

  • Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must be present for the duration of the visit. It is the responsibility of the host to make sure that the guests understand and abide by all Housing and University regulations. If a resident’s guest is involved in any violation of University or Housing regulations, the hosting resident, as well as the guest, may be subject to disciplinary action. Students may be held responsible for violations of University or Housing regulations that occur in their rooms.
  • Non-resident guests (anyone who does not live in University housing) who stay overnight must be registered with University Housing and will be charged accordingly.
  • Guests may not stay for more than three consecutive nights and a total of 10 days in a semester.
  • Guests may only stay where there is a free bed for them to sleep in. No guest may sleep on the floor of any University Housing building due to fire code.
  • Overnight guests are not allowed during periods where the University is closed.

Room Keys

  • Failure to return a room key may result in additional fines to a student’s account.
  • Duplicating room keys is prohibited.
  • Room keys must remain in the possession of the resident. Residents who allow others access to their room keys are subject to disciplinary action.
  • Lost keys must be reported immediately to a Resident Assistant or Hall Director. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
  • Students will be fined for lost keys and lock changes.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Residents are expected to maintain clean rooms and bathrooms. If rooms and bathrooms are not kept clean, a fine will be placed on the student’s account.
  • Room inspection will be monthly during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • It is the responsibility of the residents to help maintain the public areas of the residence halls. Residents should clean the lobbies as they use them.

Appliances and Cooking

  • Automatic shut-off appliances are only allowed in residence halls with express permission from the Hall Director
  • Microwave ovens and toaster ovens are available in the residence hall lobbies for preparing snacks
  • Mini-refrigerators up to 4.1-cubic feet are permitted in residence hall rooms. Combination microwave/mini-refrigerators (Microfridge) approved by the Office of Housing and Residence Life are permitted in residence hall rooms. No other microwave is permitted.
  • The possession or use of space heaters is prohibited in all on-campus housing facilities.


  • Washers and dryers are available in all on-campus housing.
  • Irons are not allowed or to be used in any residence hall room. Ironing must be done in the area provided for that purpose.


  • Only residents are allowed to use computers provided in the residence hall lobbies.


  • No pets are allowed in any on-campus housing facility.
  • Certified service and emotional support animals may be permitted to reside in on-campus housing with the express permission of the Disability Accommodation Committee.
  • Hall Directors who permanently reside in the on-campus residences are permitted pets upon approval of the Director of Residence Life.

Doors and Windows

  • Residents and guests are prohibited from being on or using the ledges outside windows in Smith and Banning halls. This includes drying clothes, sunbathing, and storage.
  • Placing objects in residence hall doors to prop them open is forbidden.
  • The windows at Walker Hall must remain closed at all times. Any damage to the windows will be posted to the student account.
  • Residents of Banning, and Draper halls are advised to keep their windows locked to prevent theft.
  • Windows in all on-campus housing may not be covered with foil, paper, etc.
  • Items may not be hung from the terraces of Methodist Hall.

Holiday Breaks or University Vacation Periods

  • The residence halls are closed during Christmas and spring break.
  • Thanksgiving and fall break are not considered holiday recesses for the purpose of residence hall closure.
  • The University reserves the right, when necessary or practical, to close the residence halls during any official holiday breaks or University vacation periods.
  • Official opening and closing times will be listed in the academic calendar, and will be posted in residence halls.
  • Students may remain during holiday recesses only with prior approval from the University Housing Office.
  • Students residing in the residence halls during closure periods will be charged a daily rate.
  • Residence hall students may leave their belongings in their rooms during holiday recesses.
  • Students not returning to the University after Christmas, spring or fall breaks must remove all their possessions before leaving.
  • No visitation is allowed during Christmas break
  • Cokesbury Court Apartments will remain open during holiday breaks. Apartment residents who are enrolled in the following semester are allowed to continue residing in their respective apartments during holiday breaks.


  • Each student residing in the residence halls will be assigned a mailbox in the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center.
  • Residents of Cokesbury Court are each assigned a mailbox to share with their roommates in each respective apartment complex.
  • Students must provide a change of address form for mail to be forwarded during summer breaks or after graduation. The form is located at the Mail Center.


  • Solicitation in any on-campus housing facility is strictly prohibited. This policy includes students hosting parties for Tupperware, Avon, etc.