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Event Planning

Catering Reservations

Oklahoma City University Campus Dining manages all catering at the University. Oklahoma City University Campus Dining caters for any event from a continental breakfast or roll-in luncheon to formal receptions, dinners, gala celebrations, and social affairs. For catering needs, contact the Catering Booking Assistant at 405-208-5512 at least two weeks before the event.

Student Life Weekly Email Requests

Oklahoma City University gives student organizations the opportunity to let the campus community know about upcoming events through the OCU Student Engagement Weekly email. This comprehensive email is sent out every Wednesday. In order to obtain approval to be included in the weekly email, all requests must be sent in by Tuesdays at 5PM.

Click here to access the form

Renting Student Life Equipment

Student Organizations are encouraged to do everything possible to make events fun and exciting for participants. Student Life gives students the opportunity to enhance events by renting out several exciting items, including: a popcorn machine, pop-up tent, a snow cone machine, Bluetooth speaker, yard games, and card swiper.

In order to obtain any of the items, click here to access and fill out the Student Life Equipment Usage form. This form must be completed and submitted 7 days prior to the requested rental date. Your request may not be approved if you fail to submit your request a week in advance.

Organizations that fail to clean or return the equipment in working condition are subject to fines.

Booking Space

School dude info: Space on campus is in high demand, requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible. Event organizers (this includes faculty, staff and students) are expected to make requests for space at least 15 days in advance of the event. The University Center Management reserves the right to deny requests not submitted within this time.

1. Visit MySchoolBuilding at https://login.myschoolbuilding...

    • If you have not previously submitted a request, register your account using the Organization Account number: 746615915
    • Enter your email address and click “Submit”

    2. Select the grey “Schedule Request”. There are several schedule options:

    • Normal Schedule for an event that is one day, or consecutive days in one room.
    • Recurring Schedule for an event that is daily, weekly, or monthly in the same room each time.
    • Irregular Schedule is for an event that is for one day, or consecutive dates in multiple

    3. Fill out all the information required including event title, location, date and times.

      • Once you have chosen a location and a date check to see if your space is available by clicking the grey “Check Availability” button below the dates box.
      • Make sure you indicate setup and breakdown times.
      • Enter the organization contact information so those involved know who to contact for
        questions or concerns regarding a request.

      4. If there is anything you need such as tables, chairs, sound system, or food for you event fill out the “Setup Requirements” portion.

        • Check the box of each requirement, and list the exact items you will need.
        • For example, if you need tables and chairs for an event you would check “Event Setup” and write “13 round tables, and 100 chairs” in the white box.
        • Fill out “Number Attending” portion and any other needs for the event.
        • Enter the password “gostars” and click "Save"