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H. Student Government Association

The Oklahoma City University Student Government Association (OCU-SGA) represents and advocates for all OCU students. The OCU-SGA provides a voice for students by participating in the development of University policy, creating dynamic social programming, and enhancing the overall student experience at OCU.

The OCU-SGA is made up of three integrated branches:

  • Executive: The SGA President manages the executive functions of the OCU-SGA with the help of the Executive Cabinet. The SGA President is the chief advocate for student friendly policies at the University. The President represents students on numerous University committees that cover critical university functions including General Education, Student Retention, Diversity, and most importantly the Oklahoma City University Board of Trustees. Aside from advocacy, the Executive Cabinet administers the finances and marketing of the SGA.
  • Legislative: The Student Senate is the legislative branch of the OCU-SGA. Student Senators are elected each year to be the chief representative voice of the student body. The Student Senate writes legislation that expresses student needs as well as funding student programming and organizations. The Student Senate consists of 24 members that are elected based on class or academic major.
  • Judicial: The Student Court is the judicial branch of the OCU-SGA. The Student Court interprets all OCU-SGA documents. and settles cases under its jurisdiction. The Student Court handles all student traffic appeals at the University. The Student Court consists of five members that may include undergraduate, graduate, and law students.

Location: Room 113 in the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center

Phone : (405) 208-5221

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