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STD Testing

The Campus Health Clinic offers Confidential STD Testing for male and female students. The fees for STD testing are an exam fee and lab testing fees.

Since OCU does not have an on-site lab, blood tests and other laboratory tests are available for a fee for each test that is to be performed. Private Insurance can be billed for the lab fees.

The exam includes a thorough medical history, examination by the provider, collection of specimens (other than blood), and counseling on sexually transmitted diseases. Please inquire about individual tests and fees at your appointment or by calling us at 405-208-5090. We have the capability of testing for all STD's including HIV.

Exam prices are subject to change; please call the clinic at 405-373-2400 for the most current pricing information.

Other Options

  1. There is an STD Clinic offered through the Oklahoma City/County Health Department for a $15.00 fee. The Health Department is at 921 NE 23rd Street (the corner of NE 23rd and Kelly) and the phone number is 405-425-4430. The $20.00 fee covers the exam and all testing that needs to be done. This is a good idea for students who do not have health insurance or who do not want to come to the Campus Health Clinic for testing.
  2. Planned Parenthood offers STD screenings to both men and women. Their fees vary. Call Planned Parenthood for more information: 405-528-2157.

OCU Campus Health will keep all results and testing confidential to the extent of Oklahoma and Federal Laws. If you have any questions regarding confidentiality, please contact us at 405-373-2400.