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Tuberculosis Testing

Students will be allowed to enroll for the first semester, but must report to the Student Health Clinic within the first 6 weeks of class to either show proof of having had a TB Skin Test or to get a TB Skin Test. TB Skin Tests are done Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday - no appointments necessary. All students should bring all documents from their doctor including immunization records and health records when he or she reports for the TB Skin Test requirement.

The TB skin test is a small injection given in the forearm and then "read" by observing the injection site 48 hours later. Prices for the test are subject to change; please call the clinic at 405-208-5090 for the most current pricing information.

Students who have had a TB skin test in their home country must have documentation of the test with the results reported in millimeters, not just "positive" or "negative." An x-ray and blood test is required by law in Oklahoma if a test result is 10 mm or greater. A result of 5 mm, but under 10 mm requires the test be repeated. Students who have x-rays in their home country are advised to bring a copy of the x-ray film or disk from home.

TB Testing By Request

TB Testing is also done if requested by any student, staff or faculty Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Please note that when coming for your TB Test you will need to come back to the Campus Health Clinic between 48 and 72 hours (2-3 days) in order to have the result checked by a nurse. For this reason, TB tests are not given on Thursdays.

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