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2019 Campus Leadership Award Winners: Outstanding Freshman (Brianna Miles, Derek Bryant, Christopher Richie), Outstanding Student Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion (Mikel Kendrick), Outstanding Student Professional (Annaleiz Palacios-Garcia), Outstanding Sophomore (Trae Trousdale, Marissa Johnson), Outstanding Transfer Student (Mallory Seidlitz), Outstanding Student Commitment to Community Service & Civic Engagement (Edyn Rolls), Outstanding Junior (Emily Wollenberg, Ally Zahringer, Destini Carrington), Student Athlete of the Year (Abigail Banks, Oaklin Davis), Friend of Student Affairs (Lindsey Marcus), Student Employee Above and Beyond (Megan Carpenter), Outstanding Senior (Ellen Roth, Nicole Waltman), Outstanding Graduate Student (Camryn Sanders, Michelle McNamara), Greek Scholar of the Year (Hope Melton, Matthew Moelling), Greek Member of the Year (Sireene Khader, Matthew Moelling, Leondre Lattimore), Greek Advisor of the Year (Anna Farha), Advisor of the Year/Faculty (Adam Ryburn), Advisor of the Year/Faculty (Kanika Bronwn), Advisor of the Year (Stephanie Biscone), Outstanding Org. Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion (Black Student Association), Outstanding Org. Commitment to Community Service (Alpha Phi), Outstanding Org. Commitment to Philanthrophy (Miracle Marathon), Outstanding Org. Commitment to Academic Excellence (Gamma Phi Beta), Greek Chapter of the Year (Kappa Sigma, Phi Mu), & Student Org. of the Year (Alpha Phi Omega)

For any questions regarding the Campus Leadership Awards, please contact Dr. Tiffany Smith, Director of Student Engagement.