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School of Theatre Admissions & Auditions

We are now accepting applications and auditions for Fall 2023 entry!

Applicants considering any of our programs should do the following:

  1. Complete and submit an Oklahoma City University application.
  2. See individual program audition/interview requirements below.

NOTE: Candidates wishing to audition and apply for the MFA in Screen Acting should visit the program page for further details.

Catch a glimpse of our theatre spaces and hear from some of our students!

School of Theatre Open House

Check out the link above to hear from department heads and a current student!


On Campus

We hold auditions and interviews on campus throughout the year. Please check back here through the summer for more information.

  • Nov. 4-5
  • Feb. 3-4
  • Feb. 24-25

On the Road

We travel throughout the year to festivals and audition events to recruit talent for our programs. Here are a few of the places we will be participating this year:

  • International Thespian Festival
  • Texas Educational Theatre Association Festival
  • Texas Thespians Festival
  • Greater Houston Area Auditions
  • Greater San Antonio Area Auditions
  • Colorado Thespian Conference
  • Oklahoma State Thespian Festival
  • Georgia Thespian Festival
  • Chicago Unified Auditions
  • Los Angeles Unified Auditions
  • Arkansas Thespian Festival
  • Southeastern Theatre Conference

Not all programs are represented at all events. If you have any questions regarding this or other events we may be attending, please contact us at [email protected].

Sign up for Unified Auditions

BFA Acting audition sign-ups are now available for Chicago Unified! CLICK HERE to schedule. We will be accepting walk-ups Feb. 6 and 7 at Dearborn 2 at the Hilton Palmer House.

*OCU School of Music auditions (musical theatre) will be next door at Dearborn 1.


BFA Acting Audition Requirements

1. Candidates must perform, by memory, two contrasting monologues not to exceed three total minutes in length. Here are some helpful tips when choosing your monologues:

  • Monologues must come from published plays. You are encouraged to read the plays in their entirety for context and character insight.
  • Use contemporary material. Stay away from classical materials such as Shakespeare, Molière and the like.
  • Choose age-appropriate material.
  • Do not audition with monologues from musicals.

2. If attending an audition on campus, candidate will participate in a mandatory voice and movement improvisation session.

  • Bring clothes in which you may move freely.
  • No additional prep is required for this session.

3. Candidates must bring with them a theatre resume and a recent headshot.

  • Do not worry if you do not have a long list of theatrical experiences for your resume. We are more interested in the progress you will make than what you've done in the past.
  • Make sure that your name is written on your headshot and resume. If they get separated, we want to make sure that we know who you are!

4. All candidates will have a short interview with the individuals viewing their auditions. We value your personality, attitude and passion to learn just as much as we value your ability. This interview just gives us a chance to get to know you better!

Please sign up for one of our on-campus audition dates using our Audition Request form.

Recorded Auditions

We understand that it is not always possible to travel to Oklahoma City University to audition. Therefore, candidates may also submit recorded auditions through Acceptd. Please see a full list of requirements for recorded auditions on the Acceptd site for the BFA Acting program.


BA Theatre Innovation and Entrepreneurship Application Information

Step 1: Submit an Application to the University indicating your interest in the BA Theatre program

Step 2: Submit a portfolio that includes materials that you think show us who you are as an artist. Your portfolio can contain whatever you would like but should include the following:

1. A current resume of your theatrical/artistic work that includes your name and pronouns (if you would like to share them), your email, phone number and current GPA.

2. A selection of materials that shows off what you do! This can and should include things you’ve written, designed, performed, etc. and those things can be from your work in theatre or other places in and outside of school. You can share your work in the form of photos, videos or documents, and should highlight all the things you do as an artist. The goal is to show us what you do by sharing examples! This portfolio should be fully digital and submitted according to the instructions below.

3. A writing sample. For this component, you have two choices:

a. Submit something you’ve written. This can be a play or other creative writing or it can be analytical writing (a paper or essay) from an English, History or other class.

b. Respond to the following prompt in about 500 words (two pages double-spaced) of your best writing:

    Why do the arts matter? Using your own experience and, if you would like, research and explain why you believe the arts are important and worthy of study.

    Step 3: Upon receipt and review of your portfolio, we will contact you for an interview and, if we think it's a match, you'll get a scholarship offer. We can do interviews over Zoom, in person on campus or at an event we are attending.

    Visit this link to get started:

    If you have any questions please reach out to Associate Dean Jerome Stevenson at [email protected].


    BFA Theatre Design & Production Interview and Portfolio Requirements

    1. Candidates must submit a portfolio for review.
      • Portfolio should demonstrate artistic ability or technical skills that are relevant to theatre design and production.
      • Examples of what to include in your portfolio could be but are not limited to photographs, drawings, paintings, audio recordings, any artwork or technical drawings, etc.
    2. Candidates must submit a theatrical resume indicating any previous experience in theatrical production, community activities and academic achievements.
    3. Candidates must have an interview with our faculty. Please fill out an Interview Request Form to schedule this either on campus or virtually. Interviews can also be undertaken at off-campus events we attend.


    When candidates audition or interview for the School of Theatre they are automatically being considered for talent award opportunities as well. Candidates will receive results within one month of their audition or interview and will also be notified at that time of any theatre scholarship they are being awarded.

    You are also encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid to learn about other scholarship opportunities for which you may be eligible. For more information, please visit OCU Financial Aid.


    If you have any questions regarding the audition or interview process, please contact us at [email protected].