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BA Theatre Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Introducing the BA in Theatre Innovation and Entrepreneurship

With input from industry professionals, faculty (old and new), and countless students, we are in the process of making our unique B.A. program even better! For Fall 2023 this exciting program has not only a new name but also a new philosophy.

We are looking for students who live an artistic life of “and” to come and join this unique program. BATIE students are: performers “and” directors, designers “and” dramaturgs, artistic leaders “and” teachers, etc. If you are passionate about theatre and know that you want to study more than one thing, forging your own path, then this is the program for you! We are looking for excellent students who are ready to embark on an individualized program of theatrical study tailored to their own unique interests and goals. If that’s you, then we want to meet you!

The BATIE Program

This dynamic program gives students the opportunity to pair the BA core classes, in which students broadly explore many areas of theatre, with an individually designed curriculum in and outside of the theatre. The possibilities of what you might do at OCU are endless, but here are some pathways and tracks that a BATIE student might follow:

The Innovation Pathway:

This pathway equips students with the knowledge and skills to become artists and leaders. In this pathway, students explore multiple facets of artistry in order to develop their own artistic voices.

Tracks in the Innovation Pathway:

Director Track:

  1. Directing Minor

  2. Dramaturgy Minor

  3. Design and Production Minor

Teacher Track:

  1. Directing Minor

  2. Children’s Theatre Minor

  3. Design and Production Minor

BA Film/BA Theatre

  1. BA Film

  2. BA Theatre

Entrepreneurship Pathway:

This pathway equips students with the knowledge and skills to chart their own course in the arts. In this pathway, students will explore both artistic practice and entrepreneurship in order to prepare for individualized careers in the arts.

Tracks in the Entrepreneurship Pathway:

Dramaturgy Track

  1. Dramaturgy Minor

  2. Directing Minor

  3. Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship

Arts Administration Track:

  1. Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship

  2. Minor in Business Entrepreneurship or minor in Social Media

Choose Your Own Pathway:


Double Major Track

  1. BA Theatre

  2. Degree in another area of study

Choose Your Own Track

This pathway is the most flexibility for students to design a plan of study that meets their own individual needs and goals.

  1. BA Theatre

  2. Selection of courses that are tailored to the individual student’s goals and interests from a variety of programs on campus.


As a part of their program of study, BATIE students are encouraged to study abroad in their third year. The program is designed to accommodate a semester abroad. For more information about study abroad opportunities at OCU, click here to visit the Study Abroad Office website.


OCU offers generous scholarships for incoming students based on their high school GPA. Please click here to take a look. In addition, the BA program offers talent-based scholarships that are awarded based on the submission of a portfolio and an interview. Academic scholarships combined with talent scholarships make OCU an affordable option for most students!


BA Theatre Innovation and Entrepreneurship Application Information

Step 1: Submit an Application to the University indicating your interest in the BA Theatre program

Step 2: Submit a portfolio that includes materials that you think show us who you are as an artist. Your portfolio can contain whatever you would like but should include the following:

  1. A current resume of your theatrical/artistic work that includes your name and pronouns (if you would like to share them), your email, phone number, and current GPA.

  2. A selection of materials that shows off what you do! This can and should include things you’ve written, designed, performed, etc. and those things can be from your work in theatre or other places in and outside of school. You can share your work in the form of photos, videos, or documents, and should highlight all the things you do as an artist. The goal is to show us what you do by sharing examples! This portfolio should be fully digital and submitted according to the instructions below.

  3. A writing sample. For this component, you have two choices:
    1. Submit something you’ve written. This can be a play or other creative writing or it can be analytical writing (a paper or essay) from an English, History, or other class.

    2. Respond to the following prompt in about 500 words (two pages double-spaced) of your best writing:

Why do the arts matter? Using your own experience and, if you would like, research, explain why you believe the arts are important and worthy of study.

Step 3: Upon receipt and review of your portfolio, we will contact you for an interview and if we think it's a match, you'll get a scholarship offer. We can do interviews over Zoom, in person on campus, or at an event that we are attending.

If you have any questions please reach out to Associate Dean Jerome Stevenson at [email protected]


  • BA
  • Workshop Wednesday (OCT) "Matisse in his Time: One Minute Plays"
  • OKC Contemporary Workshop Wednesday (??)
  • Workshop Wednesday (NOV) Bailey Burleson '20