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Stage & Production Management

The BFA in Stage and Production Management at OCU is one of the most distinctive professional training programs in the country.

Student Testimonial

The BFA program has, at its core, a focus on professional training. The degree is built around the following points of emphasis:

Academics: A demanding and diverse academic curriculum that provides the training required to be successful in today’s theatre.

Production: A robust production environment that produces over 55 productions in theatre, musicals, opera, and dance on an annual basis. Additionally, students will receive their first production assignment in the fall semester of their Freshman year.

Professional Partners: Students will work with (3) professional performing arts partners during their time at OCU, much like that of a top flight graduate school. This will result with a resume that is unlike others.

Faculty: Here at OCU we have (2) stage management faculty, both active in the industry, that focus exclusively on your success.

Study Abroad: Today we work within a global market place. OCU provides opportunities to our students to study abroad in places such as London and beyond.


Production Opportunities

One of the calling cards of the OCU Design and Production area is production opportunities. With an academic year, we will produce over 55 productions. What this means to students is many opportunities to work/learn on productions. Each student will average (2) production assignments during the course of any given semester. These assignments can be structured in many ways within:

OCU School of Theatre - Producing a wide range of plays

OCU Bass School of Music – Producing a wide range of both musicals and operas

Professional Partners – Students will work with the following professional organizations:


We believe very strongly in the power of internships. During your time at OCU you will be required to do at least one summer internship. However, many of our students choose to do these during more than one summer. Here at OCU we maintain a robust list of opportunities for our students all the while teaching them how to look for and secure these opportunities. In the recent past we have had stage managers from New York to Chicago to Santa Fe to Las Vegas to Oklahoma City. Each of these opportunities is geared specifically toward the career paths that the individual student is striving towards.


The BFA in Stage and Production Management is built around a demanding and diverse academic curriculum. The program is led by Jeff Cochran and Courtney DiBello, two stage managers who are active in the industry and are long time members of Actors Equity Association. During your time at OCU your academic journey is structured around the following principles:


You will take a demanding set of courses that will focus on preparing you to be a successful theatre artist. You will take classes within the full range of the design and production field such as: lighting, costumes, and scenic design. Furthermore you will also take courses that will help you prepare for your professional journey such as: resume/cover letter writing, portfolio development, job searches, and interviews.

In addition, you will take specific classes within the field of stage management. These courses will begin the fall semester of your Freshmen year and continue through the spring semester of your senior year in topics such as:

  • Stage Management
  • Advanced Stage Management
  • Musicals, Opera, and Dance Stage Management
  • Theatrical Unions
  • Production Management


Each Tuesday, all stage management majors and minor gather to discuss a wide range of topics. This time is designed to bridge the gap between your academic courses and the practical nature of your production assignments.


OCU has a very distinctive environment when it comes to mentoring as we have (2) faculty members who focus exclusively on stage management. Jeff Cochran and Courtney DiBello not only teach courses within the curriculum, but both full time faculty members mentor the production assignments and are active during our weekly seminars. Additionally, students will be work alongside both faculty members as their assistant stage managers during work with the OCU professional partners.

Guest Artists

The Stage Management area has an active list of guest artists that interact with our students. Whether it is meetings with touring stage managers from shows such as Disney’s Newsies, The Book of Mormon, or Wicked or from Broadway shows such as The Phantom of the Opera, the students here at OCU are constantly interacting with leading professionals within our industry.


Built around the model of the leading graduate programs, the BFA in Stage and Production Management at OCU has professional training at its core. With that, we have built relationships with the leading professional performing arts organizations around Oklahoma City. This results in a one of kind training opportunity for the stage management students. During your time at OCU you will work in a variety of positions with these leading arts organizations.

Whether it is working on a union contract, Actor Equity Association, at Lyric Theatre or CityRep or working with a guest choreographer with the Oklahoma City Ballet, a student will see first-hand what it takes to be successful within our industry.


The Stage Management program at OCU has produced very successful and distinctive alumni. The program is built around the idea that you as an individual student will define success for your career and it is our responsibility to help grow you in that direction. Whether it is a life in New York or Chicago, or a career with leading organizations like Cirque du Soleil or Disney, a BFA in Stage Management at OCU can prepare you to achieve your dreams.

We currently have Alumni working in New York at leading organizations like Playwrights Horizons and Bay Street Theatre, in Chicago at the Goodman Theatre, Las Vegas with Cirque du Soleil, in Orlando Florida with Disney, cruise lines such as Princess Cruises and locally at venues such as Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall.


The reality of our our industry today is that we work in a global market. This is a point that our program takes very seriously. With that we are currently working with partners around the world to develop opportunities that we will prepare our students for the industry.

There are multiple ways for students to experience the realities of Study Abroad. Those can be done in exchanges that work within a given academic semester or summer. These opportunities are designed to complement the students overall experience.


The BFA in Stage Management currently has an exchange with Rose Bruford College located in London. With this exchange, stage management students have the opportunity to spend the spring semester of their junior year studying at Rose Bruford. This experience is designed into the curriculum and allows the student to stay on track to graduate in the standard four years.

Summer Opportunities

Through the Study Abroad Office at OCU, students are able to explore a wide variety of opportunities around the world. These types of programs are designed to complement the students experience at OCU by learning more about a specific culture that is of interest to a given student.