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Our voice pedagogy is founded on the principle that voice is self, it invites students to connect more deeply with themselves in breath and body in order to connect more deeply to the outside world with vibration and range.


Drawing from a unique combination of Vinyasa yoga, Linklater Voicework, Thai Massage and Artistic Exercises, our voice pedagogy develops a creative habit that not only caters to the artist's performance skills, but serves the artist outside of the rehearsal hall. This work reinforces the resilience, stamina, resourcefulness, connection, initiative, positivity and health required to maintain a life in the arts.

In addition to exploring the entire Linklater Progression, students practice yoga regularly to develop a deeper relationship with breath, body and self. 


Vocal Prod 1: An introductory professional voice course designed to develop expanded body-breath awareness, and the ability to identify and release tension in the body that obstructs the natural expression of the self. The students must be willing and curious about herself, open to taking risks, open to the unknown and open to failure. To learn the fundamental mechanics of the voice, the breathing mechanism, and the skeleton to effectively release a healthy, sustainable sound that is both authentic and connected to the deepest self.

Seminal Projects: Voice Poem & Curiosity Project

Vocal Prod 2: A more advanced professional-training voice course designed to build on the practice of Voice 1. The course challenges the student to transcend the work of Voice 1 to develop a subtler understanding of body and breath. This relationship, augmented by channel work, breath power, resonators, vowels and articulation, is then cultivated through sound and movement, generation of original work, and exploration of heightened text. The student will more fully immerse herself in the fabric of the ensemble while concurrently activating her own autonomy. She will cultivate generosity, empathy and vulnerability in an effort to not only free her voice, but free herself through her voice.

Seminal Projects: Voice Song & Voice Manifesto


As a teacher, I hold my students to a high artistic standard while providing a safe environment in which to take risks and explore. I’m interested in helping students discover connection - to their voices, to the text, to their deepest selves.  As an artist I am constantly creating, generating, and reinventing, - questioning, challenging, and absorbing. I challenge my students to do the same. While I am interested in great acting, and mastery of text, voice and singing, I am more interested in cultivating self-sufficient artists, who are courageous enough to say what they need to say to a world that doesn’t want to listen.

Kate Brennan
KATE BRENNAN Assistant Professor of Theatre/ Head of Voice


"I have never had such wonderful control over my body, or my nerves, for that matter. Kate's Actor's Instrument class has made me more comfortable in my choices as an artist, and more passionate in regards to just exploring, as an artist and a person." – Erik A. Hamilton, 1st-year BFA

“The work that I have done with Kate has been absolutely indispensable to me as an artist, student, and a person. From my understanding Linklater is inherently transformative, but in tandem with Kate's methods, I have freed a lot of myself to be a better conduit for truthful ideas. With her incorporation of yoga and experimental theatre devising, along with a genuine care for and interest in her students, I have transformed my outlook on art and life.” – Franziska Harms, 3rd-year BFA