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Season Information

Mainstage Productions

The School of Theatre typically offers a four show Mainstage season. It is a mix of fully realized productions of theatre classics and relevant contemporary plays, as well as co-productions with our professional partners.


By Lucy Prebble

October 28-31, 2021

  • Thursday 10/28 @ 8pm
  • Friday 10/29 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 10/30 @ 2pm & 8pm
  • Sunday 10/31 @ 2pm

Directed by Kris Kuss

Enron is a theatrical and explosive tale of the collapse of a company. Inspired by real events but told as a sprawling, dynamic tragedy, full of grand use of song, dance, and theatre technology, the play follows CEO and anti-hero Jeffrey Skilling through the journey of Enron’s rise and fall. Skilling’s basic idea is to trade in energy as well as supply it. But, as his dreams expand to include video, internet, and even the weather, the gap between stock market perception and reality grows ever greater. As profits fail to materialize, the market loses confidence, and Skilling’s schemes are revealed for what they are: a fraudulent fantasy.


By Lisa Loomer

December 9-12, 2021

  • Thursday 12/9 @ 8pm
  • Friday 12/10 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 12/11 @ 2pm & 8pm
  • Sunday 12/12 @ 2pm

Directed by Jessica Jackson

Roe is the human story behind of one of the most consequential and controversial Supreme Court decisions ever. Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case that legalized abortion, is still fiercely debated over forty years later. In this incisive play, acclaimed writer Lisa Loomer cuts through the headlines and rhetoric to reveal the divergent personal journeys of lawyer Sarah Weddington and plaintiff Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe") in the years following the fateful decision. In turns shocking, humorous, and poignant, ROE reflects the polarization in America today while illuminating the heart and passion each side has for its cause.


By José Rivera

February 3-6, 2022

  • Thursday 2/3 @ 8pm
  • Friday 2/4 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 2/5 @ 2pm & 8pm
  • Sunday 2/6 @ 2pm

Directed by W. Jerome Stevenson

Marisol is a play of magical realism, telling the story of a young Puerto Rican woman, who has elevated herself into the world of publishing, while continuing to live alone in the dangerous Bronx neighborhood of her childhood. After surviving an attack on the street, Marisol is visited by her guardian angel who informs her that she can no longer serve as Marisol's protector because she has been called to join the revolution already in progress against an old and senile God. The war in heaven spills over into New York City, reducing it to a smoldering urban wasteland. Alone, without her protector, Marisol begins a nightmare journey into this new war zone. With the apocalypse well under way, the angels have traded in their wings for Uzis and wear leather motorcycle jackets and fatigues. As the action builds to a crescendo, the masses of homeless and displaced people join the angels in the war to save the universe.


By David Ives

March 31-April 3, 2022

  • Thursday 3/31 @ 8pm
  • Friday 4/1 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 4/2 @ 2pm & 8pm
  • Sunday 4/3 @ 2pm

Directed by D. Lance Marsh

It’s 1666 and the brightest, wittiest salon in Paris is that of Celimene, a beautiful young widow so known for her satiric tongue she’s being sued for it. Surrounded by shallow suitors, whom she lives off of without surrendering to, Celimene has managed to evade love since her beloved husband died – until today, when Frank appears. A traveler from England known for his own coruscating wit and acidic misanthropy, Frank turns Celimene’s world upside-down, taking on her suitors, matching her barb for barb, and teaching her how to live again. (Never mind that their love affair has been engineered by a couple of well-placed lies.) This wild farce of furious tempo and stunning verbal display, all in very contemporary couplets, runs variations on Molière’s The Misanthrope, which inspired it.

Stage II Productions

Stage II presents six to eight shows in a small, intimate setting. All productions have an emphasis on acting and directing with use of minimal design and technical elements. Student and faculty directors and designers collaborate on these productions.


By William Shakespeare, Adapted by D. Lance Marsh

October 7-10, 2021

  • Thursday 10/7 @ 8pm
  • Friday 10/8 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 10/9 @ 8pm
  • Sunday 10/10 @ 2pm

Directed by D. Lance Marsh


By Diana Son

November 4-7, 2021

  • Thursday, 11/4 @ 8pm
  • Friday 11/5 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 11/6 @ 8pm
  • Sunday 11/7 @ 2pm

Directed by Lauren Leppke

“A poignant and funny play about the ways, both sudden and slow, that lives can change irrevocably,” says Variety. After Callie meets Sara, the two unexpectedly fall in love. Their first kiss provokes a violent attack that transforms their lives in a way they could never anticipate.


By Federico García Lorrca

November 11-14, 2021

  • Thursday 11/11 @ 8pm
  • Friday 11/12 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 11/13 @ 8pm
  • Sunday 11/14 @ 2pm

Directed by Laura Tapia

The greatest of modern Spanish tragedies is realistic and lyrical. Bernarda is a stern matriarch obsessed with family honor. Just widowed, she announces to her five daughters that they will enter a traditional 8 year period of cloistered mourning. Each daughter desires love but with the doors clamped shut, they silently turn to other pursuits. All except one, who manages to have a secret tryst with a scurrilous suitor who is betrothed to the eldest daughter. Discovery results in a tragic climax that is unrelenting in its severity and terror.


By Larry Kramer

February 10-13, 2022

  • Thursday 2/10 @ 8pm
  • Friday 2/11 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 2/12 @ 8pm
  • Sunday 2/13 @ 2pm

Directed by Casey Kassal

Originally published in 1985 and celebrated in a passionate and eloquent 2011 Broadway revival, this definitive edition of Larry Kramer's play features an updated version of the script, as well as notes on both the original production and the revival.

A searing drama about public and private indifference to the AIDS plague and one man's lonely fight to awaken the world to the crisis, The Normal Heart was based on Kramer's real-life experience. Produced to acclaim in New York, London and Los Angeles, the play centers on Ned Weeks, a gay activist enraged at the indifference of public officials and the gay community. While trying to save the world from itself, Ned confronts the personal toll of AIDS when his lover dies of the disease


By Martin McDonagh

February 24-27, 2022

  • Thursday 2/24 @ 8pm
  • Friday 2/25 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 2/26 @ 8pm
  • Sunday 2/27 @ 2pm

Directed by Elise Bear

With echoes of Stoppard, Kafka, and the Brothers Grimm, The Pillowman centers on a writer in an unnamed totalitarian state who is being interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories and their similarities to a series of child murders. The result is an urgent work of theatrical bravura and an unflinching examination of the very nature and purpose of art.


By Henrik Ibsen

March 24-27, 2022

  • Thursday 3/24 @ 8pm
  • Friday 3/25 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 3/26 @ 8pm
  • Sunday 3/27 @ 2pm

Directed by Hal Kohlman

An Enemy of the People concerns the actions of Doctor Thomas Stockmann, a medical officer charged with inspecting the public baths on which the prosperity of his native town depends. He finds the water to be contaminated. When he refuses to be silenced, he is declared an enemy of the people.

Stockmann served as a spokesman for Ibsen, who felt that his plays gave a true, if not always palatable, picture of life and that truth was more important than critical approbation.


By Daphne Silbiger

April 7-10, 2022

  • Thursday 4/7 @ 8pm
  • Friday 4/8 @ 8pm
  • Saturday 4/9 @ 8pm
  • Sunday 4/10 @ 2pm

Directed by Courtney DiBello

Adalaide is six years old, and she knows a few things: Her stupid babysitter Kim is stupid, her younger brother Dewey is a naked mole rat, and she does NOT like being treated like a girl. Though Kim takes Adalaide’s frustrations seriously and tries to offer support, Adalaide’s family and peers discourage her, leaving her to seek out dangerous measures in order to transform into who she was born to be (her hero, Han Solo). Six Years Old is a comic and poignant play reflecting back on the wild fantasies and serious desires of queer childhood.

Out of the Box & Edge

Out of the Box is OCU's completely student-produced theatre company on campus. Each semester, Out of the Box produces three Mainstage performances and two Edges (staged readings), both directed and performed by students. Out of the Box focuses on provocative contemporary work, fresh takes on classics, and up-and-coming playwrights.

Out of the Box Spring MainStage Season

Everlasting Chocolate Therapy by Steven Hayet

Directed by: Grant Wilson

MLM is for Murder by John Bavoso

Directed by: Sophia Boyer

Swimming in The Shallows by Adam Bock

Directed by: Jonah Muscarella

OCU Edge

Actually, Honestly, Going to F***ing Die by Paige Zubel

Directed by: Arissa Brown

Purchase tickets online at the link below, or call 405-208-5227 for the ticket office.

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