Members of OCU's faculty and staff meet in a boardroom.

OCU Faculty and Staff

Learn from the Experts

Do you prefer teachers who push you beyond your limits and, yet, support your endeavors? How about teachers who believe in you and show it by taking the time to meet with you? Do you agree that the best teachers are those who never stop learning?

If your answer is "yes," then you'll like your professors at Oklahoma City University. You're exactly the kind of student on which our faculty thrives.

An OCU faculty member gestures during a lecture.At Oklahoma City University you will discover all the benefits of a private university, including small classes, a faculty who know you by name, and the opportunity to work with professors outside of the class on special projects.

There's no better evidence of "we're all about you" than the faculty here at Oklahoma City University

  • Student-focused. Our low student-teacher ratio of 14:1 and small class sizes allow our faculty to get close to you-and you to them. Having mentoring relationships with all your professors is commonplace at Oklahoma City University.

  • Dedicated. The vast majority hold the highest degrees in their fields, and our professors teach all undergraduate classes (we have no graduate teaching assistants). Many are also involved in research and creative endeavors-and are willing to involve students in their projects.

  • Passionate. Come visit campus and sit in on a class, and you'll see just how much our faculty love to teach and how enthusiastic they are about their subjects. Many have firsthand work experience in their fields.

  • Demanding. They want you to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. So, yes, they're going to challenge you.