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Philosophy Professor Releases Book Translation
An Oklahoma City University philosophy professor is preparing for the May release of a book he translated from French to English. Scott Davidson, associate professor and chair of the Philosophy Department at OCU, translated the book “Seeing the Invisible: On Kandinsky” by French philosopher and novelist Michel Henry. The book provides philosophical insight into the works of abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky by showing how the artist liberates color and line from the constraints of visible form and, in so doing, conveys the invisible intensity of life. Davidson plans to use the book in his aesthetics course at OCU. “Most people enjoy but do not understand the meaning of Kandinsky’s art, so what makes this book important is that it reveals the spiritual significance behind his paintings,” Davidson said. “His works are about the inner essence of life.” The book has garnered some early critical acclaim, including an endorsement from Michael O'Sullivan of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. “Scott Davidson's clear and timely translation provides the reader with both a revolutionary take on twentieth century art and a gateway into the thought of one of the leading French philosophers of the past 50 years,” O'Sullivan stated. Davidson previously translated another book by Henry called “Material Phenomenology.” The latest book, “Seeing the Invisible,” is now available for preorder on