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Student Set for Release of Religious Sci-Fi Book
OKLAHOMA CITY — A religion student at Oklahoma City University is preparing for the release of his first book, “The Fall of the Four,” this spring. Adam Shahan, who serves as pastor of the Lexington United Methodist Church while he finishes his studies, is planning a presentation and book signing for 7 p.m. April 29 in OCU’s Bishop W. Angie Smith Chapel. Shahan said his book falls under the science-fiction fantasy genre over a religious backdrop. It is the first of a four-part series and it will be released by Tate Publishing. He describes the story as a conflict amongst a church, the government and private industry. The three groups are interested in the same ancient artifact. The book takes place in a future make-believe land. The lead character, Aaron, struggles with being part of the private industrial sector while his father is in a group against them. “There’s a conflict of allegiance,” Shahan said. “The story contains undertones of a struggle to break away from the conventions of traditional religion in the face of impending religious pluralism.” Shahan is nearly finished with the second book of the series. He said that even though he has a full-time job and school schedule, he sets aside writing time every day. “I just decided one day to put away TV, video games and laptops. I wanted to do something substantive, so I just started writing the series in place of those other distractions,” he said. Shahan plans to continue his religion education at the Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University after he finishes his bachelor’s degree. In the meantime, he’s excited to have a publisher pick up his book for national distribution. He said Tate Publishing plans to run four television commercials promoting the book. For more information or to preorder a copy, visit