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Reading Series Examines Final Years of Slavery
The next topic of the Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma book discussion series at Oklahoma City University will be “Reconstruction: After the Civil War” by John Hope Franklin at 7 p.m. Oct. 26. The discussion is free to the public and will be in Walker Center room 151 on Florida Avenue near N.W. 26th Street. One of America’s most distinguished black historians, Franklin tells the story of compromise and restoration. The price of peace and reconciliation comes clearly through another century of second-class citizenship for African Americans. Paul Lehman, professor emeritus in English at the University of Central Oklahoma, will lead the discussion. Harbour Winn, director of OCU’s Center for Interpersonal Study through Film and Literature, said the book gives a clear and unique perspective concerning the end of the war. “Franklin’s revisionist work refutes the essentially racist view of traditional studies of the post-Civil War era,” Winn said. “Although there was an obvious winning side, it would take years before certain basic human rights were granted to a large percentage of our population.” The reading series is called “Rebirth of a Nation: Nationalism and the Civil War” and is focusing on the influence of the Civil War era. The five-book series is exploring the era through historical analyses, memoirs and a novel. “The Civil War could be considered the single most influential event in this country’s history,” Winn said. “So many different aspects of our country were shaped by this conflict. With this series we are taking a closer look at many of these aspects to learn more about ourselves as a nation.” The final date and work in the Lets Talk About It series will be Nov. 9 with “The Private Mary Chesnut: The Unpublished Civil War Diaries,” edited by C. Vann Woodward and Elizabeth Muhlenfeld. Humanities scholars make half-hour presentations to open each session. Small group discussions follow before the groups reunite for closing remarks. Participants are encouraged to pre-register and read the selected literature before its discussion session. They may borrow the reading selections and pick up a theme brochure at the OCU Dulaney-Brown Library room 211 or 207. The library is west of the Walker Center. For more information call Winn at (405) 208-5472 or e-mail Information is also available at the website Books, services, and other materials for this series are provided by Let's Talk About It, Oklahoma, a project of the Oklahoma Humanities Council with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Funding for this series was provided by a grant from the Inasmuch Foundation.