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OCU to Hold Eco-Week
OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City University will celebrate Earth stewardship with a series of events called Eco-Week Oct. 25-29. Through discussions, film screenings and guest speakers, OCU officials hope to encourage students to adapt environmentally friendly habits. Mark Davies, dean of the Petree College of Arts and Sciences and co-founder of the OIKOS Scholars group, said events throughout the week will show students the importance of sustainability practices. The OIKOS program was established to prepare students to engage in social and ecological responsibility. “Some people may have the notion that conserving our resources is inconvenient or even impractical,” Davies said. “We’re saying the opposite. In fact, through various forms of instruction we plan to show students how even small changes can make a big difference in the health of our planet. For example, replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lights can make a significant reduction in electricity usage, and using simple water efficiency fixtures can save thousands of gallons of water over time. ”The events will begin with a panel discussion Oct. 25 about making lifestyle changes for sustainability. It will include tips and suggestions to make such changes easier for students to accomplish. Guest speaker Autumn Radle, director of the Oklahoma City Office of Sustainability, will give a presentation Oct. 27 about the latest programs and changes at the metropolitan level. Other events throughout the week include screenings of the documentaries “Home” and “Killowatt Ours,” an open forum about the latest campus environmental efforts and a competition amongst residence halls called the Eco-Olympics. Students organized Eco-Week in order to encourage their peers to take a more active approach to conservation efforts. “Our goal for Eco-Week is to empower students to make a difference for sustainability by providing education, motivation and making it fun, too,” said Lauren Byrd, senior acting major and OIKOS member. See Also: Eco-Week Agenda (.pdf) | Oikos Scholars Program | Blue Goes Green