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ALEKS Instructions

1. To take the ALEKS PPL Assessment for Math placement, please go to https://www.aleks.com and click on the “Sign Up” tab.


2. The next window will ask you to enter the Class Code. You will enter (or copy and paste) the following code and click Continue: JF4KY-4D6R6.


3. You will next confirm that you are in the Oklahoma City University Math Placement, Summer/Fall 2024 class. Click Confirm at the bottom of the page.


4. You will then be prompted to create a new ALEKS account by selecting “No, I have never used ALEKS before” and click Continue.


5. You will create your new account on the next page and be assigned a username.


6. The next window asks you if you have an access code. You will select “No, I need to purchase an access code” and then click Continue


7. You will then be prompted to enter additional information on the following page, where you will search for Oklahoma City Univ and then click Continue once you have confirmed that you have read and agreed to the terms of use.


8. You will then enter billing information before confirming your order.


9. Once you confirm your order, click on the Payment button and you will be prompted to enter your credit card payment information.


10. Once you place your order, you will see an Order Confirmation page containing your ALEKS subscription details. 


11. You will then be taken back to the ALEKS platform and to a page detailing Your Reciept and Account Information.


12. Click Continue to enter the "My Classes" area of ALEKS where you should see a Welcome message.


13. Click Continue and start your ALEKS journey by selecting the Oklahoma City University Math Placement under Active classes. This is where you can immediately take the first of your 5 available placement tests and/or do some tutorials to prepare for the placement exam.


14. Once you have completed a placement test, you will be notified of your score and where your placement currently stands. Please share these results with your academic advisor to ensure you are placed in the appropriate math course.

15. Return to the OCU ALEKS page if you have questions or need additional information.

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