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How much does an OCU Education cost?

Almost certainly less than you think! Nearly every student at Oklahoma City University receives significant financial aid, through tuition discounts, scholarships, and grants.

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Sticker price: $42,918

— Average
First-Year Student Aid
(Fall 2021) $21,046

= Actual Cost: $21,872

Estimated Annual Costs (2023–2024)

Annual Block Tuition: $28,936

Annual University Fees: $4,650

Annual Housing: $4,480

Annual Meal Plan: $4,852

— then subtract —

Merit/Talent Scholarships: $13,218

Need-Based Grants: $7,828

Federal student Loans: $15,172

Cost Details

Annual Block Tuition covers 12-16 credit hours (CHs) per semester. Students taking 17 or more CHs per semester are charged $980 per additional credit hour over 16 CHs. Students taking fewer than 12 credit hours per semester are charged $980 per credit hour. Costs do not include any individual course-specific fees or books (estimated at $50 per credit hour). Housing price is for a double room in Walker Hall. Meal plan price is for Meal Plan C. Need-based grants are the annual average for Fall 2022 first-year students who qualified. Current maximum amounts are Pell (Federal) - $6,895; FSEOG (Federal) - $1,500; OTAG (State) - $1,300, and OTEG (State) - $2,000. Federal student loans are the annual average for Fall 2022 first-year students who qualified. These consist of Direct Subsidized, Direct Unsubsidized, and Parent PLUS loans. Merit- and talent-based scholarships are the annual average for all Fall 2022 first-year students.

So how does OCU’s estimated annual cost compare with other universities in the area?

  • Oklahoma State University: $14,603
  • University of Central Oklahoma: $17,477
  • Oklahoma Christian: $19,807
  • Oklahoma City University: $21,872
  • University of Oklahoma: $22,022
  • Oklahoma Baptist University: $23,871
  • University of Tulsa: $26,341

Source: The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, 2020–2021 average net price

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