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Moving images are all around us 

Whether we watch on our phones, at home, or in a movie theater, our favorite films and TV shows catch our attention in ways that few can resist and many find difficult to explain.

The Film faculty want to help you better understand these experiences, and we believe the best way to do that is to make your own.

From your first semester through your final year, you'll make movies in a curriculum that makes connections between the vocational and conceptual aspects of modern media production. You'll learn about the latest production gear and practices within the context of the aesthetics, ethics, and traditions of filmmaking. 

Your work will set a foundation for your success in further graduate study or in the rapidly expanding local, regional, and national entertainment industries. While many of our graduates have gone on to work as production personnel in TV and film, others have started careers as independent filmmakers and visual artists. All have benefited from the collaborative atmosphere at OKCU where creative work is nurtured and new voices are discovered.

Let's see what you can make! 

BFA in Film Production

The Film program offers a premier, interdisciplinary program of study where a foundation in the liberal arts informs each student’s efforts to master the technology of modern media production.

In addition to the General Education curriculum administered by the university, the courses listed below are offered for the BFA in Film Production. BFA candidates must successfully complete a total of at least 124 credit hours for graduation: 40 credit hours from GenEd + 60 credit hours of required Filmcore classes + 24 credit hours of approved electives.

Current and prospective students should contact a member of the faculty with any questions or to make a personalized plan for degree completion.

Filmcore (60 credit hours)

These courses are required for Film Production Majors

  • FILM 1013 - Introduction to Film Studies
  • FILM 1213 - History of Motion Pictures
  • ART/DESIGN ELECTIVE (choose one)
    • ART 1043 - Foundational 2D Design
    • ART 1603 - Digital Photography I
    • THRE 1603 - Technical Drawing for Theatre
  • FILM 2023 - Project 1: Practicum
  • FILM 2223 - Project 2: Sophomore
  • FILM 2273 - Film Production & Business
  • PHIL 2513 - Ethics of Communication
  • FILM 3023 - Film Sound Recording
  • FILM 3103 - Nonlinear Editing
  • FILM 3123 - Writing for Stage & Screen
  • FILM 3204 - Intermediate Digital Editing
  • FILM 3223 - Introduction to Cinematography
  • FILM 3323 - Introduction to Film Lighting
  • FILM 3363 - Cinema and International Explorations
  • FILM 3513 - On-Camera Acting
  • FILM 4113 - Production Design
  • FILM 4124 - Intermediate Film Sound Editing Techniques
  • FILM 4391 - Capstone Planning
  • FILM 4493 - Capstone Execution
Selected Electives (24 credit hours)

These courses are approved electives for Film Production majors 

Petitions may be filed for substitutions pending approval.

  • FILM 1113 - Hollywood I
  • ENGL 2302 - Critical Reading and Writing
  • FILM 2323 - Documentary Film
  • FILM 3133 - From Script to Screen
  • FILM 3143 - Film Directing: The Collective Vision
  • FILM 3163 - Film Genre
  • FILM 3183 - Film Theory & Criticism
  • FILM 3313 - Great Films
  • FILM 3483 - Moving Image Arts Internship
  • FILM 3613 - Advanced On-Camera Acting
  • FILM 4043 - Special Topics in Film Production
  • FILM 4143 - Special Topics in Film Studies

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